February 14, 2010

back at it ...

I'm baaaaaack!! It feels good to be a working girl again. Not SO good that I'd continue working if my Powerball ticket was "the big winner" but still, pretty damn good. I have made quite a seamless transition from unemployed to employed or should I say from no-time to full-time. I started my position last Wednesday. I already have a good feel for the 8.5 hours per day that I'll be spending away from home. I have quickly gotten used to getting up earlier, choosing daily outfits and packing up my "meals". I'm impressed with my adaptation I must admit. I thought for sure there would be a few tears and lots of moping around when I was to start working again. This scenario however is much different than I had anticipated. It isn't a crappy office job where I am: stuck at a broken PC using Excel and working with numbers all day, a slave to five bosses and expected to do the work of three people all while being devastatingly underpaid. I am on a brand new 27" iMac, using graphics software with a hands-off boss and a great supervisor who delegates work to me that I am more than capable of handling with a paycheck that will keep me comfortable. Score one for Sheri Lynn.

I have been taken under the wing of my friend and now supervisor, Maryellen. She's been training me and it's been pretty fun actually. A lot of the processes are so new that we are collaborating on the best ways to get them done. It's nice to not have to learn something that's unchangeable and set in stone. Everything is sort of a work in progress at this point. My primary job consists of manipulating Illustrator files. As orders for products come in I will be putting University logos and specified colors on the desired items. I enjoy the work so far. As other projects come in I will be used in those areas as well. The art department is brand new so there will be lots of changes in the upcoming months. I only hope that our work at least stays this steady and a "lay-off" isn't in the cards. Let's cross our fingers on that one! 

My new routine is working out swimmingly. I set the alarm for 6 but usually beat it and get out of bed by 5:50. I make coffee and feed Brody. I sit with my delicious cups of joe and watch Roseanne until about 7. I get ready and am out the door by 8:10. Leave the office at 5 and am home by 5:20. Awesome awesome awesome commute. I have never worked South of the city before. It's a whole new world. I grab a book or magazine and bike 10 miles in the bedroom, shower up and have my last meal. Done with my day by about 7:30 and the rest of the night is open for relaxation. It is a fantastic balance and I only hope that I continue to stay enthusiastic about it. My old job made my days disappear and my nights seemed to be just seconds long. This brand new schedule is wonderful and I hope that once the daily grind starts to wear on me I can still see the positive points. Thankfully I have this blog to remind me. 

I remain thankful for this opportunity and hopeful for my future. Good day to you! 


  1. i watch roseann almost every morning as well.... its one of my secrets i am willing to admit.... I love that show, i so relate with the little smart ass punk 2nd child darlene... thank god my names not darlene LOL hope you and greg had a wonderful valentines day :O)

  2. ... thanks lindsey! hope you had a nice day too. Roseanne is like comfort food to me. :)


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