September 30, 2009

bring it on ...

Ya know what's great? Losing weight. Well, maybe not for everybody... but for those of us who could stand to shed a few...  it's pretty fantastic. I have always been up and down, up and down. Ever since I got my stupid jerk fat cells I have had a constant battle. My weapon of choice was always exercise. Whether it was jogging, walking, Tae Bo, Pilates, Step aerobics, interval training etc ... I always thought exercise was the key. I learned just this summer that it isn't. Well, not on it's own anyway.

A friend of mine introduced me to the "eating clean" concept in July. Basically, eating measured portions of lean protein and complex carbohydrates every 3 hours, drinking a gallon of water a day, no dairy, no salt. I decided to give it a shot. I was already using the treadmill 5 days a week so I made no changes to my exercise routine. For the first few days my biggest challenge was to actually EAT every 3 hours. I was so used to eating only twice a day that I wasn't hungry most of the time. By day 5 I felt as if my metabolism had already sped up. I was hungry for my meals right on schedule. I felt my energy increase. I woke up earlier in the morning and more alert. I couldn't believe the change and how quickly it took place. It is so amazing to learn how the body works. This lifestyle change is SO simple I only wish I knew about it 15 years ago. And it's not like I am eating twigs and acorns. Egg whites, chicken breast, turkey, wheat bread/bagels/English muffins, lean ground beef, ground turkey, protein shakes, potatoes, brown rice, fruits and vegetables ... there are a lot of choices and most of them are foods that I ate regularly - just never the right combination.

In the first 3 weeks I lost 16 lbs. To date I have lost between 20 and 25. Random sinus infections and throat infections have slowed my treadmill action dramatically over the past month. I am not proud of that. I am someone that needs structure. When I fall out of a routine like that it is super hard for me to get back into it. But I will start up again faithfully. I'm pretty proud of my accomplishments even though it's really a no-brainer and anyone can do it. In the beginning I promised myself I would "do it until at least October and see how it goes". Well guys, October is basically a day away and I have no intentions of giving this lifestyle up. It's what works for me.

With the change in seasons taking place over the past few weeks I have been rummaging through the closet for warmer clothes. It's pretty awesome that every pair of corduroys and jeans that I bought last year, and could barely zip, are now so baggy that I pretty much refuse to wear them. My shirts, jackets and sweaters all fit so much better. I can button things that I never had any intention of buttoning. And finally the items that I purchased thinking "if I lose 5 lbs I can totally wear this" I can totally wear. This is truly a feeling that I am not used to. I NEVER compliment myself and grew up thinking that it was wrong to do so. But I told Gregg tonight that it took me so long to find an outfit today because I LIKED the way all of the shirts looked and I couldn't choose one. Normally I try on 10 things, hate all of them and then bail on our plans because I am disgusted. I just feel fantastic. It's like a whole new Sheri. If only I could afford a new wardrobe... :)


  1. You look great! Keep it up. I know how the rollercoaster weight is...been fighting against it myself since I was a kid. Hopefully both of us will be where we want to be weight wise by Spring! Good luck!!!

    Jenn P

  2. That is so amazing, Sheri, rock on with your badself! I hope you donate all of those too-big-now clothes and go shopping :)

  3. you definately inspired me to get back to the gym...

  4. Wow - what an inspiring post! The thing that excites me about what you're doing is that it makes you feel good. So many of these diets and "lifestyle choices" make you feel lousy. Drinking green sludge for every meal? Yeah, fun.

    I love to hear that you are feeling energized! Makes me think about the way I eat...twice a 11am and 10pm. No wonder I'm always tired!


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