January 20, 2010

it's part of my charm ...

I think it is safe to say that we all have a little "crazy" in us. Sometimes our crazy manifests itself in frightening and obvious ways and sometimes our crazy wears a little mustache and sunglasses and sneaks around so nobody will notice it. I have various forms of unimportant craziness. There is no cause for alarm ... the slight insanity is made up of tiny fragments of simple O.C.D.  and large chunks of my being super organized and somewhat of a neat freak. Bottom line: I like for things to be neat and clean and I don't like messes to sit for very long.

Here are a few examples of my Danny Tanner brain...

We have a toilet paper holder in the bathroom that holds 3 rolls. If that holder doesn't have at LEAST 3 rolls in it at all times I am not satisfied. I understand that without the holder you would have just the one roll on the actual wall and possible extras in a closet or under the vanity. I further understand that having the holder is a backup and the point is to fill it when you utilize the last of the 3 rolls. I just don't like it looking half-assed. Gotta fill it up. Crazy.

In our dining room we have 3 light switches controlling one light. One is on the outside wall and the others are close to the hallway and kitchen. Obviously one is always going to be down when the light is on and vice-versa. I will only tolerate the "wrong" switch being the one on the outside wall. I have no idea why. If the others are incorrect I make sure to rectify it immediately. Crazy.

If I am writing a list of things that I need at the store and I have to cross something out I will just tear it up and write out a new list. Even though I am the only person on this planet that will look at this list it is too messy. I hate cross outs. Crazy.

Every year I use a Hello Kitty engagement calendar to keep track of bills, birthdays, appointments, plans and parties etc. I started using post-it notes that I cut to fit the size of my calendar squares so as not to make a mess by writing something that is a temporary but not definite plan. Craaaaaazy.

These are just a few random oddities. It doesn't go much deeper than that. Just neatness really. Yet, I don't see the need to dust my house every few days or scrub the floors and windows. So it isn't as though I am a complete clean freak ... I think I just do not accept messiness. Or things looking out of place

And there you have it.

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