September 1, 2009

groupings and "hoots" ...

As I have mentioned, I am somewhat neurotic when it comes to decorating my home. Not in such a way that it looks amazing and beautiful... but more so that everything has to be placed in it's perfect spot - or the spot that I consider to be perfect I should say. Trips to Marshalls, Home Goods and T.J. Maxx are where I have found the majority of the art, furniture and "hoots" (accents) strewn about my house. I also love the store in Cracker Barrel and the Mystic Village shops. These are good spots to pick up random, unique things that you wouldn't find in a MALL or a Target.

This little guy is "Dr. Mudd". (Gregg and I were watching Ghost Hunters while I was trying to think of a name for him. As you may have already guessed, the show was about Dr. Mudd). Anyway, I was with my mom last week at Mystic Village and she found this and bought one for the both of us. I doubt she named hers though. She is way less ridiculous than I am. But he sure does compliment my kitchen window ... love that smile :)

Random kitchen groupings. I love that little lamp -
it is a can of peaches and I found it at Cracker Barrel last year.
So freakin cute.

Dining room table ... lots of junk here - I just like using fruits to decorate.
The jelly cabinet (with the chili peppers on it) is one of my favorite things.
Bought that in Mystic Village years a
go. Please note the lovely spider plant
that I have managed to not kill for at least 5 months now. Thank you, Elisha!
(please hold all comments about how anyone can keep a spider plant alive.
baby steps, people. baby steps).

Another Dining room shot. My husband and I love this print.
We found it at Home Goods years ago. Before we were married, I think.
Everything from our old apartment seemed to just fit right into our new house.

Again, things from our old apartment. The Theatre shelf was a must have. Even though I found it on the floor in Ann & Hope all chipped and scratched... I wasn't leaving without it. It's another one of my favorite accents. Also, I have a thing for skeleton keys. I can't explain it hahaha I just really like old keys!?!?
Note the pirate ship. HA!

The built-ins. When we found this house I was blinded by the bookshelves. Imagine the possibilities... I had millions of ideas. Once we were moved in, I found it hard to fill them up! But several trips to Home Goods later, I had more than enough. I switch things around all the time. One of my favorite things to do. They look a little rough right now but they'll get a face-lift soon :)

The mantle. In February I changed my living room colors
from red & green accents to brown & blue. This is the
result. Couldn't settle on a mantle idea but this works, for now.

Terrible shot of the wedding pictures grouping.

LOVE this cabinet... (JC Penney) so cute. Not a flattering picture.

The infamous "view from the hallway". Love me some black and white.
The top picture is a shot of the Beavertail Lighthouse in Jamestown
taken by my friend Brian.
Check him out, he's amazing.

... and there you have it. A little taste of my taste. Wait. That doesn't sound right. Either way, you will now have a better idea of the things that I am moving around from room to room while trying to finish a movie or phone call.


  1. now that thats done, can we finish the movie we started in 19 dickety 2?

  2. Dude, I don't even have any curtains in my house! And we've lived here for FOUR YEARS. I am very impressed with all of your hoots and hollers, or whatever you were calling your house-bling. Very nice.


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