November 18, 2009

wicked ..

I will say this - I LOVE Christmas shopping. I will now say THIS - I hate paying for it. While I am not the thief you think I am I do have those secret dirty hopes that one day that ATM will be waving a shit load of "left by mistake cash" at me while I pull up innocently to withdraw a measly twenty.

Today marks the official start of my Christmas shopping season. I am highly organized and think of it almost as a sport. I first make a master list of names of people that will be receiving gifts from Gregger and me. I don't bother to put dollar amounts next to these names as I know I won't stick to that budget for more than ten seconds and I totally hate cross-outs on my paper. I get my own ideas together and then beg my giftees for their actual desires. I compile those lists and hit the internet for YEP, you guessed it, coupons. Hey, as far as I know, being thrifty never hurt a soul.

Last night I searched online for in store coupons. I found insane deals and was thrilled with my hour of sleuthing. This morning I hit it up once more and found even better ones, printed everything and went on with my life. After an afternoon of errands, I sat down with my lists and went from website to website using every working promo code I could find! For one store, I found a coupon for 25% off of one item - and what do ya know? I needed exactly one item there. I checked around and found free shipping as well. Total savings? $9.00. Now, if I didn't know any better I could have easily just gone to the website, or the store for that matter, and bought the item for it's full price. This is why I have learned to scope out the deals before ever making a purchase. Just a few minutes ago I saved $33.00 by finding a 30% off promo code and free shipping once again. It's almost fool proof. You have nothing to lose. Sometimes the codes work, sometimes they don't. Just google and google and google until your fingers bleed. Then find and print the coupon for Curad band aids, buy the band aids, put them on said bleeding fingers and google once more!!

Happy Holiday Shopping, my thrifty little friends...


  1. Every time Eric complains that I'm spending too much time on the computer, I wave my stack of coupons at him and say, "I just got you free Cheerios! FREE!" and he cans it :) Did you get your 25% off Barnes and Noble coupon?

  2. Hahahha you are going to have to send me your tips Jo! I didn't see the Barnes and Noble one but I did use a 25% off Borders one yesterday! hee hee heeeee I'm giddy over it hahahaha !!


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