November 29, 2009

vuth vuth vuth ...

Long overdue.

Since my sister-in-law's husband has been hazing me about my meek and weak blog - I thought it only appropriate to honor him with a tribute to his ball bustin' ass. So, Mr. Vuth Phok... this one's for you, small guy.

Your family means the world to you
You will always put them first.
When it comes to cooking, you're the best
but dressing, you're the worst.
Patriots shirts, Red Sox hats
and slippers everyday
Just because you're married to Stacey
doesn't mean you aren't gay.

I appreciate your generous spirit
and your positive outlook
but we don't always wanna hear it
when you describe the shit you took.

You fill a room with laughter,
then clear it with a fart
It's a sale you're always after
A true cheapskate at heart.

I am blessed to have you in my life
minus the widespread gas,
I give tons of credit to your wife
for dealing with your thrifty ass.
You're a wonderful father to your boys
which I definitely admire.
Even though you won't buy them any toys
that aren't in the Job Lot flier.

All in all, I love you
I wouldn't trade you in for gold
You make fun of me for lots of things
but you're the one that's OLD.
One more thing before I go,
to my dearest Guitar Hero,
I tried to think of a true insult
yet I came up with zero.

Happy blog-reading ya jerk!

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  1. Bravo! Bravo! Bravo! Sweetly said!


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