November 9, 2009

limericks ...

There once was a reindeer named Randal
He burned off a hoof with a candle
He walks with a limp
They call him a gimp
And now he can't put on his sandal

There once was a babbling brook
that provided a drink for a crook
No one posted his bail
so he escaped from that jail
and his cup was all that he took

There once was a mean, little lady
the townspeople knew her as 'shady'
She wore really dark glasses,
called children dumb-asses
you couldn't tell if she was forty or eighty

There once lived an overweight turtle
he sucked in his gut with a girdle
he walked miles everyday 
he burned calories that way
but every pebble was more like a hurdle


  1. There once was a chica named Sheri
    who decided to pop her blog cherry
    by posting her jokes
    so all sorts of folks
    could ponder, and smile, and be merry.

    How's that? :)

  2. hahaha i love it, jo jo! thanks! nice job.


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