November 12, 2009

from the neck up ...

Alright, so I am not a super hero. I thought for a split second that I was, earlier this week. I was clearly incorrect.

Picture it, Saturday morning, 5 a.m. I wake up to the angriest sore throat known to man (and woman). Very untypical. I went back to sleep despite the hellfire and woke up to an even nastier throat. As the day progressed so did my symptoms. Mainly a sinus headache and that romantic post-nasal-drip. I didn't feel fantastic but I didn't really feel bad either. I was getting ready for an awkward dinner that we had planned at the Nordic Lodge. Gregg's team had won a contest at work and they had enough extra loot to take wives, girlfriends and such. I am not a buffet fan, by nature, and I am even LESS of a fan of sitting around a dinner table. I know it sounds weird, right? I have always been uncomfortable sitting around a big table for dinner. This is partly why I dislike Thanksgiving. (That and the fact that there is no lasagna). Anyway we made the trek to Charlestown and sat with a couple of our friends. Dinner was nothing spectacular from my point of view. I was very grateful to have a free meal of that caliber but I obviously didn't go ape-shit like most of the other guests. We toyed with the idea of going out afterward but Gregg wasn't up for it, and I'm glad now because on that ride home I started to feel much, much worse. We stopped at the store and bought some ice cream and 'feel better snacks' and made our way home to enjoy them.

Sunday morning I woke up to a violent sinus infection. "I KNEW IT!!" I proclaimed. These things always have a way of sneaking into your system and then whilst you are getting your Z's, they cram their friends and family into your nasal passages and just wait for you to arise so they can toss their germ confetti and raise their "YOU'RE SCREWED" signs vindictively. Stupid jerks. I ended up feeling really shitty on Sunday. Didn't do much of anything, just the normal cleaning and laundry. I was anticipating a week of absolute horror. I never seem to get rid of any germ without it running at least a one or two week course. So you can imagine my surprise when I felt like a million bucks on Monday morning!! I thought hmmmmm, a little bit of Sudafed goes a long way!! I thought for sure that I had kicked Germy MacIntyre's ass all quick-like. I boldly stopped taking the meds and was a bit cocky about the whole situation. Well apparently Mr. MacIntyre was enraged at my smugness and he wrangled up his extended family and everyone on his block to put me back in my place. Since Tuesday I haven't slept without waking up four or five times a night to re-medicate. My glands have gotten into the action, trying to help my weak ass immune system fight the MacIntyres and Friends. It's a lot like Gangs of New York in there. Minus the prostitutes.

I hate to complain about being sick because it is just so annoying. That is why I am putting it into a lovely blog. Read it or don't. The choice is yours.

As of today my head seems a bit clearer, thankfully, because I only have one little dosage of Sudafed left. My glands are still causing extreme discomfort. That is what I think bothers me most. I can deal with headaches, congestion, runny nose, sore throat etc. . . but when it comes to the swollen glands just putting all of that pressure on my ear canal and my throat, it's inescapable pain. And I can't think of anything else besides how much it hurts. So, call me a baby if you will. I don't mind. Babies are cute. I have been swallowing Motrin every 3.5 hours (don't lecture me - there is no alternative) to keep the pain at bay. I keep sending poor Gregg a daily text saying "I am not going to do the errands today.... again" so we are sort of running out of things but it's okay. We'll manage. I just feel like bundling up and resting in my home rather than collecting the Walmart germ clan to party with the MacIntyres.

After talking with my mom the other night, I decided on getting a humidifier. She mentioned that it could be the reason for all of my monthly illnesses. Thinking back, I have been steadily sick since moving into our old apartment, years ago, that was gas-heated. I grew up with oil heat. Making the switch made me SO sick during those two years. And, since our current home is gas heated as well, I have had sinus infections regularly and maybe it's just the dry heat that's causing it. Can you imagine if something as simple as a humidifier remedies the issue? And I could have been well ALL THIS TIME. I am going to give it a shot. We'll see how it ends up!  Operation Humidifier is in effect.

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