November 16, 2009

confessions ...

... Sometimes ... 

... When the timer is about to go off on the oven I add minutes to it to prolong dealing with the food inside.

... I try to sneak a shower in while Brody is outside playing but he almost always senses this and just starts barking incessantly until my raced-through cleanse has ended and I am standing at the slider rolling out the red carpet for him.

... I throw the mopines (that's right) and dishrags in the washer with the white clothes to avoid doing another load of laundry. Hot water and bleach of course.

... I don't leave the house for days and I really don't mind it.

... I feel like I could eat a block of Cracker Barrel Baby Swiss cheese but luckily I have enough willpower to stop myself after the third, thin slice.

... I will sit and color in my numerous coloring books for hours, happy as a clam.

... All it takes is the rearranging of cupboards or the organization of a closet to make me smile.

... When I daydream about winning the lottery I think about how we could remodel and decorate the rooms in our existing home and I get excited about flooring and appliances and then realize that we could do WAY better than this dump!! (* I do not think our home is a dump, Gregg - but it isn't the Victorian mansion of my dreams either).

... I am ... 

... A big time movie repeater. I will watch a favorite movie over and over again because it is comforting. 

... A newcomer to the world of Coffeemate and am slightly obsessed with the Gingerbread flavor.

... Very sarcastic, and it baffles me that some people don't understand or have their own sense of humor.

... Dependent on "me time". I definitely require my space and am lucky to have plenty of it.

... I have ... 

... The greatest husband. I couldn't imagine a better one, and I'm a pretty creative cat.

... A heart of sterling silver.

... Lingering, yet fading, self confidence issues.

... Dry eyes and a HUGE issue with light. I often close the curtains during the day because I feel like I am staring directly into the sun. I wear sunglasses pretty much no matter what the weather conditions are. I become blinded by headlights at night and need tinted glasses for driving but don't want to look like Penny Marshall so I choose vanity over being able to see the curb.

... A very diverse music collection to say the least.

... Many great recipes that I cook but often still opt for an eggplant grinder when given the choice.

... Dreams and goals that I keep to myself so that I won't feel outside pressure to accomplish them.

... Constant pain in my right hand from surgery. I had a cyst removed from the middle finger knuckle in the center of my hand two years ago and the pain is still just as shitty.

... My Favorite ...

... Shampoo is Derm Organic Sulfate-Free Conditioning Shampoo with Argan Oil

... Author is Stephen King

... Brand of Crushed Tomatoes is Cento

... Scent is blueberry

... Animal is the Polar Bear

... Fish is the Shark

... Cocktail is a Grey Goose and Tonic with lemon

... Stores are: Marshalls, HomeGoods and Kohl's.

... Actor is Jack Nicholson

... Season is Autumn

... SUV is the Lincoln Navigator

... Movie is The Shining

... Toothpaste is Crest Whitening with Scope

... and in honor of The Christmas Season ...

Favorite Day of the Year ... Christmas Eve

Favorite Christmas Movies ... National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, A Christmas Story, Elf, A Christmas Carol (1984 w/George C. Scott)  

Favorite Christmas Songs ... Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas, I'll Be Home For Christmas, Oh Holy Night, When My Heart Finds Christmas 

Favorite Christmas Specials ... How The Grinch Stole Christmas, A Charlie Brown Christmas, A Garfield Christmas, Yogi's First Christmas

Favorite Christmas Tradition ... Tagging and Decorating the Christmas Tree

Favorite Christmas Dinner ... Lasagna, Meatballs, Eggplant Parmesan and Antipasto


  1. I am scared to try eggplant.... I dont know why.
    My husband had a cyst removed from the palm of his hand in July... still hurts... what is the deal???? Recovery is LONG from something so small!!!!
    You can come and color with my Kiley any time! She would totally dig it! LOL! She is going to be my creative one I think.. she could color FOREVER......
    You should have tagged some blogger friends!!! So they can do something similar! LOL! I might have to steal your idea!

  2. Aww I would love to color with Kiley. Sounds like a TV show hahaha. I always loved to color and draw, maybe she is the same way! I vote that you try eggplant. Gregg hates it. A lot of ppl don't like the consistency but I say give it a shot. Just once! i feel bad for your hubby, I know that pain. It's just hard because you use your hands for everything! And now weather affects it too. I don't know how to tag anyone - I am newbie blogpants remember!! Steal any ideas you like, your blog is awesome. :)


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