October 18, 2009


Boy have I been busy! Can't believe I haven't written in such a while. I thought of it last night and actually felt "out of the loop". I'll catch up quickly...

Months ago Gregg and I decided that we really missed our old apartment's apple green kitchen. Our accessories went so well with it and it was such a nice, crisp color. Well, we made the change last week. I started on Wednesday at noon and finished last night at 8 p.m. Spending 5-7 hours a day painting was actually way more enjoyable then I had imagined. I dreaded getting started but once I had everything laid out on the table there was no stoppin' me! I realized quickly that it would be completely impossible for me to paint anything without blasting 80's music. (Told ya I was on a bender... you think I was kidding??) The backache and quad soreness went away before noon everyday and so I started up again by 1 o'clock. One coat of primer and about three coats of paint took our Orange Inferno to Japanese Fern. We are thrilled with the outcome. It's so hard to choose the color that you have in your head when staring at 40 shades in that family. At the paint counter in Home Depot we were settled on a color and all of a sudden I ran back to the swatches and picked another - thankfully I did because it looks great. While we loved our old orange dining room - we welcome the green phase.



I am sure a lot of people will enjoy the "old" better as the "new" may be too vibrant. But we love it!

Next week I will green up the kitchen!!


  1. I love them both Sheri! I've painted my kitchen 5 times since we moved here 2 years ago. Here's my downfall...While looking for houses we saw this one online and while the outside was a hot mess the inside was darling or had the potential to be. So when we put an offer in my mother came to check it out and said, "This could be a doll house" so that was my goal since. The house is very old but a lot have been updated. So now I try to mix newer styles with traditional. It is such a challenge to get the final results that you want...Great job!


  2. Your paint job looks profesh. Seriously! Great job.

  3. thanks, gals!! jenn, i know what you mean. it's so much fun though, decorating and updating and refreshing... i enjoyed doing it... gotta hit that kitchen up to match!


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