October 10, 2009

welcome the hermit ...

'Tis the season for hermitization.

For those of you who know me well, you are expecting nothing less than a scarce Sheri in the upcoming months. As summer comes to a close I stick closer to home, enjoying chilled evenings with Gregg, watching movies, lighting the fireplace and donning awesomely over-sized, yet comfy-as-hell pajamas. I light a trillion candles and indulge in dessert that I shouldn't have regardless of the temperature. I tend to read more, magazines and books, and I often watch box sets of old TV shows like Roseanne and My So Called Life. Ohhh that Brian Crackow - will he ever be cool?? It's not only the coziness of home that I love but also taking scenic drives, visiting Belcourt Castle (my favorite), taking Brody for little "adventure hikes", walking aimlessly around Mystick Village and just spending quality time with Gregg. I don't ignore these favorites throughout the rest of the year but I look forward to them more in the chillier months.

So take no offense, friends. This explanation of my hibernation will give you peace of mind. You have done nothing to cause a "blow-off". This is my natural autumn instinct ... fear not. I'll be seeing you


  1. That is still one of my favorite season finales of all time :) Oh Claire, won't you see? It's the Brain who will love you forever! Jared Leto could only break your heart!

  2. Nice! I can add you to my short list of MSCL fans ... my friend Elisha loves the show too. I can't believe I still watch it on DVD...

  3. OMG I was totally obsessed with that show. Like, crazy-time. I haven't seen it in 10+ years, but I'll still have random thoughts about Rayanne (however you spell it) and that pert-nosed, pixie-cutted mom. I had a little crush on the dad, and of course, on both Jordan Catalano AND Brian Krakow. (Every guy on the show but Ricky pretty much.) I felt every emotion along with Angela.

    I wonder, would she like "Jordan Catalano" (Jared Leto) now that he's in 30 Seconds To Mars and wears all that guyliner? I find it a turn-off, personally.

  4. Kristen G. aka Irish BeyotchOctober 15, 2009 at 2:26 AM

    Sheri,, I need to get you a Snuggie..


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