October 12, 2009

So, why was I in a dog pen?

When faced with the question, "Hey, do you guys wanna come over for a fire?" I rarely respond with "hell no". So, when one of our favorite comedic couples recently invited us for one, I naturally accepted and anxiously awaited the play date. The merry duo consists of my good friend, Elisha, and her rad boyfriend, Chris. (That's ChrisTIAN, not ChrisTOPHER). They have the coziest home in Foster, where the dark woods help to create the perfect conditions for millions of glittery stars and the coyotes howl like the dickens. (I never actually heard a dickens howl... just always wanted to use the term).

Gregg and I tossed some extra hoodies in the backseat of the Jeep, programmed the G.P.S., threw an Incubus mix on the ipod, hit the liquor store and we were on our way. When we arrived there were barely six minutes of daylight left. So much for that walk in the woods I was looking forward to. Elisha mixed up some berry delicious vodka/rum drinks, we threw back a couple slices of Famous Pizza and our night was off to a fantastic start. While Chris and Gregg were outside building the fire, Elisha brought out a big box of fashion jewelry for me to rummage through. (Every now and then she gets some "extras" from work and brings them home so her friends can take advantage). And this is when it happened. Wedged between the mustard colored beads and the creepy 1800's style cameo - I saw IT. A magical blue star. But not JUST a magical blue star - it was a super duper magical blue star RING!!! And within seconds it would be mine. When everyone was finished making fun of me and my obnoxiously large and childish ring, we headed outside to claim our chairs for the night of tomfoolery ahead.

The fire was blazing, owls were hooting, coyotes were howling, we were cackling, bugs were making scary bug noises, drinks were being sipped and time was flying. Elisha and Chris dragged out some old fireworks and, my personal favorite, sparklers. We watched Chris light off a few that he promised "just sparkled" and laughed our asses off as one surprisingly shot about thirty feet up into the tree, clearing all branches and leaves in its path. Sparklers kept us busy for a while as we swirled them around and made our typical trails. You really can't have a shitty time while holding a sparkler. In fact, I dare you to prove me wrong.

* please note magical star ring *

Chris and I decided to take a walk in the woods. It was pitch black out there but he had a pretty ridiculous flash light and I was up for it. Actually, I wouldn't shut up about it all night. So, we started out into the darkness and within fifty seconds we heard the theme from Halloween, you know the Michael Myers music. This may have caught Chris off guard for a split second but it was just my cell phone ringing. Gregg was on the other end insisting that I get my ass back to the fire pronto. He didn't feel as confident as I did that the howling was very far away. So, back to the fire we marched to trade stories of coyotes, fisher cats, bobcats and moose.

Prop time. I decided that it was high time for a photo shoot and I required props for comedy. I knew they would thank me later. With a Smithwick's in hand, I grabbed the camera and headed to the patio - which was more than accommodating in the props department. Everyone found different items and made use of them. Gregg had the shiny, swinging ball, Elisha drank charcoal lighter fluid, Chris was equipped with his search lantern and I re-invented the wheel. We played that game for a while, taking random pictures of idiotic poses (me, eating bubbles and paint stirrers, Gregg climbing the walls, Elisha's sun face etc.). Once the props shoot was over we moved into the yard for more pictures.


Piling into the shed and old sauna we snapped shots of the scary, wooden dwellings and random objects inside. I was certain that there were millions of spiders hiding in there so we took the pictures quickly while the creepies were still hidden. And then someone said 'dog pen'. Across the yard was a decent sized dog pen that I guess gave me the perfect opportunity for my very first 'pen pictures'. Gregg took many of me in various jailed dog pen poses but due to camera issues only one came out.

<~~~~ This is that one. Clearly.

We lost a bunch of interesting shots that night because of that temper tantrum camera, but we are lucky to have the ones that we do. They will be forever reminders of just one of the many great times that we have had and WILL have together. Awww ... sappybloggins????

Thanks for adding to my awesome memories, guys!


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