October 9, 2009

let's discuss dress fittings ...

I'd like to take a quick minute, because the Yankees game is starting soon, to talk about my recent Bridal Shop experiences. In this case I am referring to my fittings for a bridesmaid's gown that I will be wearing in the highly anticipated Mullen-Fielding wedding on October 24th. Now, I have never looked good in a dress. Mainly because I have a big chest, no torso and I am short as hell. But I have been in several weddings - including my own - and I have always managed to pull it off (the look, not the dress - heyyooo!!). So why should this time be any different?

I'll add a picture of the gown. It really is a pretty style.. very simple and plain. The color is almost like in the picture - a slightly different shade of green though. Looks great on the model (and the other two bridesmaids).

I went for my initial measurements back in May, they ordered the gown and I went back the first week in September to try it on. Well it was clearly 9 feet too long - a given -  and since I had lost over 20 lbs since the measurements were taken it was insanely large. No big deal. Hem it up and take it in. Very routine. "Hmmm, we are definitely going to have to use the straps on this one... and we have to sew this in on the sides, this zipper will need to be replaced, I wonder if we can put some sort of seam in the front to keep this closed, see this gap here? Maybe we could taper this ... we'll need to tuck this under a bit ... " Yep. This is how it's been going. I have been for three fittings already and have a fourth coming up next week. I know that this dress will fit me like a glove eventually but getting to that point is nothing short of horrifying. Although the women who work in the shop are very sweet I can't help but feel like I am the most ridiculously shaped girl in the universe. Like nobody has EVER seen the likes of me and I should clearly be wearing a sack-o-burlap instead of a gown.

Their newest drawing board invention is a thicker strap. This IS a strapless gown that does provide spaghetti straps as an option. We tried that option. That option failed. It was like trying to hold up a piano with some dental floss. Please, try not to envision it... I don't want anyone in the ER tonight. The thicker "makeshift" straps looked fantastic and felt so much better. So next Thursday we will find out just how well this adventure turns out. Thankfully, the seamstress is wonderful. They just want me to look my best. That's what we all want, right? I don't want to be the reason the bride can't show her wedding photos to anyone!!


  1. Oh how I love the trials and tribulations of bridesmaid gowns, as you know. My own matron of honor was 8 months pregnant walking down the aisle, so don't feel so bad :) She walked down to an instrumental of Here Comes the Sun, and I almost asked her to wear yellow.

  2. hahhaha that's fantastic (and i love that song) ... it's always such an honor to be in a wedding but the dresses are made for very specific body types ... i don't fit the standard haha


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