October 13, 2009

billboard brody ??

Well, you asked for it (no you didn't) and it is finally here!! We were just waiting on Brody's completion of paw-writing lessons so he could sign the release. We are good to go! Just in time for the holidays... a unique compilation of your favorite 80's hits, remastered, Brody-style.

Enjoy such hits as:  

Doin' it all for my Brody
Broglasses at Night
Hazy Shade of Brody
Brody Jean
Every Bro has its Thorn
Wake me up before you Bro-Bro 
Brody's Girl 

and many, many more!!

This makes the perfect gift for the person who has everything!!

For $8.95 (plus $17.50 shipping and handling) this perfect addition to any party play-list can be yours! Contact me for further details.

Also, coming this spring, a crazy-magical mix of Destiny's Child covers including Brodylicious ...


  1. Wake me up before you Bro-Bro.....by far my favorite

  2. Nah, Every Bro Has Its Thorn is way better.

  3. P.S. I love the pricing. Very funny!

  4. awww craff - you don't miss a trick!


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