October 11, 2009

annual festival hoopla...

Every year, on Columbus Day weekend, Scituate holds their Art Festival. It is very similar year after year but it is tradition... and I enjoy tradition. My mother and I normally take the ride together. We park in a lot for five bucks, to avoid any frustrating 'drain circling', and head to the tents. There are bands playing and tons of food vendors set up - the smells are overpoweringly delicious. A plethora of artists line both sides of the street with their paintings, prints, glass sculptures, antiques (my favorite), wood work, clothing, jewelry... crafts of all kinds. I pretty much never buy anything - but I don't go for the purchase, I go for the sights and smells. For a split second I debated buying a wind chime with little, glass strawberries hanging from it .. but seriously.. how is that a great investment??

One of the highlights of today's experience was running into my Godparents and my friend Amy and her family. You always seem to run into SOMEONE there and I couldn't be happier that this time - it was THEM. Another thing I enjoyed was viewing the insane amount of adorable dogs... I was actually overwhelmed. I barely looked at any crafts as I was too busy eye-balling the Great Dane and the countless ankle-biters in their festive, little sweaters. I kept catching myself saying "Ohhhhh, he's just a little babyyyyy!" "Look at himmmm!!" and pointing all over the place. My mother, on the other hand, was busy calling out the thousands of should-be-winners of the cutest baby ever contest.

I couldn't seem to keep track of how many Emo boys I saw wearing skinny jeans (thanks for the heads up on that, Chrilisha) or the countless pairs of Uggs scuffing the ground under the young ladies. We were outnumbered.

All in all it was a fantastic day. The weather was absolutely beautiful and couldn't have been more perfect. I can check this off of my 'Fall must-do's' list until next year.


  1. Haven't been around teenagers in a while, huh? Around here Uggs, leggings and a North Face jacket are THE uniform for the ladies, followed by tight yet sagged (how DOO they do that?) jeans and slightly feminine little tee shirts on the boys, highlighted by shaggy haircuts. It's gross. No way near as cool as my Dickies and rugbies/flannels in 10th grade!

  2. Uggs run rampant in RI - I love them but its almost overwhelming. Hahahah I remember that stage of yours ... cute!

  3. Wow, I totally forgot about the Scituate Art Festival (now that I'm a Masshole). We used to go every year, too, when I was growing up, and truthfully I found it boring. But! Nowadays I would totally love to go. Too bad I'll have to wait 'til next year, by which time I will have totally forgotten about it all over again. And then you'll post photos of your great time, and I'll go, "Oh, yeah! I wanted to go to that! Next year..." And etc.


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