September 1, 2009

who writes about a throat infection??

Well, I haven't experienced much over the past few days as I have been ill. Beginning last Thursday, I had an annoying little pain in the back of my throat that felt like a canker sore but more probable the start of 'hell-throat'. It stayed the same for 2 days but by Saturday it was ready to wipe out my coast, hurricane style. I am no stranger to a throat infection. As long as I can remember I have had 3 or 4 a year and some years more than that. I know the deal. The glands swell up making my neck throb and look even thicker than usual. The swelling causes pain in my ears that is almost unbearable. Much like someone pouring gasoline in your ear and then lighting a match so that it burns the entire canal. It is relentless pain. Next up the glands push everything up into the back of my throat so that swallowing becomes nearly impossible. Then come the adorable "white spots" ... we all know what those are, I refuse to write the term. So, Saturday I just stayed on the couch while the rains from the "Danny" storm pounded our streets. By the afternoon I felt feverish and horrid. The throat became worse. The ear became worse. By nightfall I knew Sunday was going to BLOW. Sunday was indeed filled with horror. Things just spiraled downward. Motrin wasn't working. Tylenol wasn't working. I knew that the lovely crew at the Walk-In were going to be seeing my face at 8 am Monday morning. I was unable to eat due to the pea-sized hole in my throat that would hardly allow food to pass through. I could barely get water and a pill down. Once at the Walk-In, they did their usual blood pressure (120/80) and temp (no fever) and strep test. When the strep test came back negative the CNA and the doctor looked at each other and both said "REALLY???" as if they couldn't believe their crazy little ears. So this is where they panic. Walk-In clinics very rarely diagnose anyone. They just give you an antibiotic and send you on your way. I had the "nice" guy this time. He made me a little, gross but adorably PINK, numbing mouthwash to gargle with (which didn't work worth a shit), my usual Z-pack and, to my surprise, Vicodin for the obvious pain. Off I went to CVS to gather my drugs and within 15 minutes I was home inhaling them all. Vicodin did nothing for the pain. In just a few short hours I felt like I should have been hospitalized. I knew I had a fever as I was laying on my couch under 2 heavy blankets with teeth chattering, hands frozen and yet my head was boiling hot. The pain and swelling in my throat and neck had become so bad I could no longer talk. I resorted to on-and-off spitting to save myself the torture of disturbing my infectious demon. I used ice blocks on my neck to try to help the swelling and discomfort. Once I decided to stop taking the Vicodin and switch back to Motrin, I finally felt some relief. After 3 Motrin, and about 40 minutes, I was able to talk a little bit better and swallowing wasn't AS excruciating. During the night I was sweating and freezing - blanket, no blanket, fan, no fan, window open, window closed. Up and down up and down up and down. BUT, by this morning - my fever symptoms are gone and the pain isn't much better but at least I can keep it under control with about 3200 mg of Motrin. Lucky for me, I have protein shakes so I am still getting all of my daily requirements even without being able to EAT. I am looking forward to the next available day when I can scarf down a spinach pie - or anything for that matter. :)

Not a very interesting or worthwhile post but that's what's goin' onnnnnnn ...


  1. Umm, was this "NICE" guy Italian and extremely short for a man?

  2. Hahahaha NOPE. He was very tall and had sort of "mad scientist" hair!!


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