August 21, 2009

Sudafed dream ...

How appropriate that my first real live blog would be about my whacked out dreams. I have always had the pleasure of remembering several dreams a night. Those who know me have had the misfortune of hearing about them. (Sorry guys). About 10 years ago I had a year and a half of my snoozy life dedicated to Michael Myers (Halloween). I had no choice but to create a journal just to document those nightmares ... and, alright, I was hoping to meet up with John Carpenter to discuss a possible trilogy. Either way, my subconscious mind is quite active whilst I am drooling on my adorable pillowcase. Here is a wonderful dream that I have bookmarked from two nights ago ...

The Holly or The Sleighs???
Yeah. This one was most ridiculous. There I was ... FRANTIC... standing in some bargain outlet store sweating over the choices of Christmas wrapping paper. I needed exactly two rolls to complete my mission of "papering" my built-in bookshelves. Yes, apparently I wanted to be the coolest kid on the block with my brilliant Martha Stewart-like decorating idea. I was with two other people and I guess they refused to tell me that I was a lunatic. So picking up roll after roll - red and white polka dots, little Santas, green trees, horns, bells ... FINALLY, I see the platinum of all papers - the holly. Ohhhh it may have been buried under the Rudolph paper and sure the corner was a little jacked up BUT it was glorious and EXACTLY what I was looking for. I grabbed that roll and desperately began searching for it's match. I'm sure you have already guessed the ending to this pointless tale... there was no match. Saddened, I had a big decision to make. Do I take this single sent-from-heaven roll of holly wonderment that I was in love with... or do I get the hideous freak-brother double roll of sleighs gliding down little mountains of marshmallows??? I can see you biting your nails. Didn't think I would leave you with such a cliff-hanger did you?? Well the answer is this: I put both choices down, bought pretzels and left.

The end.


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