August 25, 2009

the little, insane things ...

Growing up, I remember being SO excited when we would move the furniture around in my bedroom or give it a face-lift with new paint and bedding. I couldn't WAIT to get tucked in that night because I felt like I was in a new and fabulous place! Little, tiny changes made a world of difference. As a 32 year old, the same still rings true, to a certain extent.

I love decorating my home.. buying new pillows and accessories, using different colors to transform my rooms into new spaces. It keeps things fresh. I do go overboard sometimes and spend hours trying to figure out the ideal spot for a new vase or picture. My poor husband just shakes his head and smiles. Part of my charm I guess. So yesterday, it was no shock when I asked him to please help me move the treadmill, yet again, to the other side of our bedroom. (This treadmill has been moved about eleven times in a 2 year span of time, due to my insanity and indecision). He routinely arose from his recliner and swapped bureau for treadmill within 4 minutes. Done. I, then spent a decent 20 minutes arranging my jewelry tree, frames and jewelry boxes atop the bureau until they were JUST PERFECT for hallway viewing. (Apparently, I think that while our guests are on their way into the bathroom they will peek into my bedroom and notice that my bureau arrangement is simply unacceptable and they will then laugh and point and make jokes behind my back about it). With the new setup looking fabulous I went about my day. I got a little surprised this morning when I crawled out of bed and, for seconds, forgot about the earth-shattering change. The best thing about it is that while I am 'treading' I can once again watch TV, a movie, or as luck would have it, my Roseanne DVDs. An hour that used to feel like 2 hours will now feel like 20 minutes. Simple Changes.


  1. I am starting to see that we are more alike tan I could have imagined! I keep the bedroom doors shut if company comes, but clean inside just in case they peek. And I bought 3 new super shiny glosses at Bath and Body works yesterday. Brings the count to 47. :P

  2. oooooh 47!!! holy mackerel!! that's tough to beat! my new cheap, favorite is Maybelline Shinylicious in "lolly pink" (hahaha, lolly) yummy and awesome!


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