January 11, 2014

Pretty Woman - revisited

Alright, who hasn't seen the movie Pretty Woman? I mean, it's ridiculous that I even posted a link to IMDB there because I'm pretty sure everyone that could possibly be reading this blog knows that movie inside and out. I, for one, know it by heart. I first saw it in the theater with my friend Shena and her mother. We were probably too young to see it but we loved it, quoted it, bought it and watched it over and over.

But I never found Richard Gere attractive until last week.

Yep. You read that right. I might have been the only gal in the world who treasured that movie so much without any attraction to the lead male. I just loved everything else. Julia Roberts, naturally because she is just so charming and fantastic (that smile!!) and her character is one of my favorites of all time. The plot, because it's top notch as far as Cinderella stories go. The fashion. The romantic game that is so cleverly played. The hotel manager. The opera date night??? Seriously. All of it. But I never swooned over Edward Lewis.

Last week, I decided to put in the DVD. I hadn't seen it in a long time and I really wanted a nice, fluffy movie - nothing heavy. To my surprise, from the very first scene I saw Richard Gere in a whole new light! It was so strange! He suddenly had that older man/Harrison Ford/George Clooney quality that I enjoy. It totally changed the movie for me. I saw each scene with new eyes.

I don't know what caused the mind-shift - perhaps the fact that I'm older now. Or wiser. Or dreaming of being rich one day hahahaha - no suh. Well, maybe a little pipe dream now and then. Maybe it's because now I had given my full attention to his character and saw his vulnerability and weaknesses. While appearing so powerful and shrewd, he is a bit broken, humble and in need. But whatever the reason - I really enjoyed watching it so much more last week. I think it added a sort of  "dreaminess" that the movie may have been lacking (in my eyes) before. Either way, I'm finally on board with the rest of the world!

I should probably revisit some of my other old favorites - I could quite possibly be remastering my entire collection! I've always loved Benny and Joon for Johnny Depp (who hasn't) but who knows, maybe now I'll give a glance to Aidan Quinn too.


  1. So funny that you posted this. Tim and I were just watching When Harry Met Sally the other night. We were talking about how "young" Sally and "young" Harry are so different from their older selves. It's weird - I had never seen the movie that way before. Yikes. Getting wiser, or just older?!
    -Jen Carlone

    1. WOW So it's not just me! I found it so strange, like I was watching the movie for the first time but still knew all the lines haha. (Wiser AND older) ;o)


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