December 7, 2013

The Scarlett Letters: Little Miss terrible two

Dear Scarlett,

I'm so glad you are much happier today than you have been over the past few days. You've become very defiant, resistant to change and hard to read. We had our annual visit with Santa and you did GREAT! We were so happy that you weren't petrified or shy. When he asked you what you would like for Christmas you replied, "Mickey toys! A tree! A wreath! Presents!" ... yeah, it was pretty adorable. You love our Christmas tree and have been pretty good about not touching too many of the ornaments. You're having a blast finding the elf, "snoozy" every day too. I'm a little disappointed that you aren't interested in any of the Christmas specials that I'm DVR'ing like a freak. Sorry, Mama is semi-North Pole obsessed. I'm sure you'll enjoy them another year - and if you don't that's okay, I watch them anyway.

Here are a few "Little Miss" nicknames we could give you right now:

You are pretty set in your ways, you are. You just like things to be a certain way. Every figure has a specific car, they can't swap cars or you will spin off the planet. Mickey cannot play with McCoggins - it's simply not allowed. You play how you want to play - you don't seem to enjoy many other ways right now. We keep coming up with new games to play and new arrangements and places to keep toys. We try to change things up as much as we can to keep you straying from that one favored path. We want you to have many paths as much as we want you to do what you like.

This age is by far the most challenging of all. You are constantly pressing buttons, pushing limits and testing waters. We have our daily ups and downs. I'm tired. You're wearing me out, little girl! It's okay, I know you are growing and learning every second of every day. As long as you remain healthy and happy I'm thrilled. You're still my little pig-tailed sweetie bo-beetie pants. Although I have been known to call you my sour-bo-bower face from time to time. ;o)  Love you to pieces!


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