December 2, 2013

Scarlett's Christmas excitement begins...

Yesterday morning we headed out on our annual trip to the Christmas tree farm to cut and haul home our prized pick. Scarlett and I waited in the car while Gregg and "the man" took care of the cutting, bailing and strapping. We got it home in one piece and made room for it in the living room. (My busted recliner is finally on the curb!!)

It was tricky (frustrating) trying to keep Scarlett on the couch and watching a television show while we tried to get the tree into the stand. For some reason it just kept falling over. We've never had that problem before - the trunk was straight but the tree was much heavier than we're used to. After about twenty minutes the tree was up and anchored for security. We swept up, vacuumed and had lunch.

Scarlett had her playtime and spent her "nap" yappin away while Gregg put the lights on the tree. It was so cute when we later showed her the lighted magic by flipping the switch. She said, "ohh wowwwwwwwww." Like a little old lady.

When the time came to decorate the tree we weren't sure how it would go. To our surprise Scarlett dove right in - choosing ornaments at a lightning pace! She had clustered about twenty in one small spot on the front of the tree - we were dying. She ooh'd and ahh'd the whole time. She loved all of our weird little plush ornaments, the shiny ones, the novelties and of course the vast selection of Plutos, Goofys, Tiggers, Hello Kittys, Strawberry Shortcakes, Woodstocks, Charlie Browns and Grinches. We took lots of pictures to capture the adorable moments. I love looking through old Christmas photos, don't you?

Gregg and I prettied everything up once Scarlett was done with her handiwork and we stood back to enjoy our creation. To our surprise it's a much larger tree than we usually choose. And it sure looks pretty.

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