November 7, 2013

The Scarlett Letters: Imagination and Sparkle

My dear Scarlett,

I'm writing this while you take your little nap. You don't nap often, maybe three times each week for no more than an hour. You still sleep well overnight. I put you in the crib around 8pm on average. Sometimes you go right to sleep - mostly if you've missed your nap that day. Other times you will yap and yap and yap until sometimes ten o'clock! We love to listen to you tell stories to your friends (Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Snoopy, Blanky, Bunny, Owl). You talk about things you did that day, you make up stories and scenarios and what cracks us up is that you actually use different voices! Hysterics!

Some of your favorite things lately:

Jewelry. You love your little bracelets and necklaces and have so many of them! You will wear them all at once or choose just a few. You like to put them and out of boxes, baskets and containers over and over.

Memory. Gee-Gee gave you this game in your Halloween treat bag and you just love it! Just like I did as a kid, it was my favorite! We have played it dozens of times already and you are so good at making pairs, your memory is just incredible.

Figures. You've had a fondness for little figures for quite a while now. You have a bunch of them - mostly Mickey Mouse Clubhouse "guys" as you call them. You also have some from the Tickety Toc gang and Team Umizoomi. I love listening to you play with them, setting up little scenes and such. That imagination is really wonderful.

Pearl Jam. Haha that's right. When their new album, Lightning Bolt, came out you were more than happy to listen to it several times a day for several days while Mama acquired her "fix." You even asked for it to be played a bunch of times. I'd look over and you'd be dancing all around the room or enthusiastically nodding in your high chair. When we were in the car the other day one of their old songs came on and you yelled, "IT'S PEARL JAM!!" Proud moment.

"Peanut Butter Cantaloupe" Over the past couple of months anytime we ask you what you want to eat the answer is the same - peanut butter cantaloupe. A peanut-butter and jelly sandwich with a side of melon. Time and time again. It has become a very popular lunch.

The blanket. Lately you can be found several times a day playing underneath a blanket. You choose a few toys, drape the blanket over your head and have a ball. I find it hilarious and adorable.

"Shoods" Because you can't pronounce your F's yet you say "Shoods" meaning Foods. We gave you a big bag of plastic foods for your birthday and you lovvvvvvvvvvve it. You, of course, have your favorites: The apple/tomato (I don't know what it is!), ice cream cone, cookie, banana, potato chips, orange, lettuce, lemon, egg, ketchup bottle etc. I remember vividly how much I loved my fake foods as a kid too. (smile).

Things have been really, really great with you. You are growing like a weed, super tall girl! You're long and lean, I can't keep your pants up! Trying to find you pajamas is pretty difficult. The shirts are all too short and the pants fall off of you. One-pieces are the new norm. You're wearing 18 mo or 24 mo pants and 3T shirts on average. Your shoe size is a 6/7 in case you were wondering. Haha.

Daddy and I are sooooooooooooo looking forward to Christmastime with you this year. I think you will really enjoy it all. Especially decorating the tree. I hope to watch all of our favorite Christmas specials with you so ... get on board! We are excited to start our own little family traditions, making wonderful memories to stay with you for a lifetime.

We love you so much, sweet girl.


  1. Christmas will be so great for your family! Experiencing the season with a child is a joy.

    1. Thanks May! It's something I've always looked forward to, I can't wait to see that look of "wonder" - I've already gotten a few glimpses as I've informed her about Santa Claus :)


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