November 30, 2013

I got your merry...

On Thanksgiving night Gregg had the idea that we could decorate the house for Christmas after putting Scarlett to bed. We normally do it each year on the day after Thanksgiving. Gregg has to work this Saturday and Sunday which is when we would normally get our Christmas tree so this plan would free up our Friday to handle the tree festivities. I was pretty tired and looking forward to unwinding but I decided it was a great plan. So we merried up the place right quick - it only took an hour and a half! A new record!

We can't wait to see Scarlett's face when she walks into her little Christmas-town! We set out our Elf on the Shelf on Thanksgiving night and she saw him right away - and was pretty excited... "Mama, wook! The elf is here!" (I had been mentioning him over the past few weeks so she sort of knew what to expect).

She named him "snoozy" and is going to have a ball finding him each day! What a fun little tradition.

Looking forward to our tree farm trip this morning in the c-c-c-c-olllllllld temps. Hoping it is a fun day decorating the tree for the first time with our sweet girl. Last year she watched from the play-yard, drooling over the sparkly ornaments. This year should be a heap of glittery chaos! FUN!


  1. Christmas with a child….simply the best!

    1. It has already been SO FUN with her this year. Last year she was still too young to really enjoy it. My next goal is to get her into the Christmas specials on tv :)


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