November 20, 2013

Gregg's new job...

It's true! Gregg has left his grueling job of eight years for a fantastic opportunity which will better suit our family. He was tired. Tired of driving, tired of hauling, tired of being sore, tired of being tired. Most importantly, tired of hardly seeing his family.

His commute added an extra forty minutes to sometimes an hour and a half onto an already windshield-heavy day. He left the house at 5 am and most times didn't return until 6 pm. He missed breakfast, lunch and dinner. He missed seeing Scarlett - except for about an hour before her bedtime which was mostly spent prepping for bed - brushing her teeth and reading books with her. The weekends were filled with obligations, yard work and unavoidable rest. He had hardly any time for himself or for his family. So he decided it was time for a change.

Just three days in, he is already enjoying the change. He is in a seven week training period in which he will learn the ins and outs of being a manager for a popular and Leach-loved cafe. His hours will vary each week, some mornings, some nights, some weekends. That variety is what is going to allow us to see each other more often and spend some quality time together. He will be home for breakfast, or lunch or dinner. Sometimes all three. He will be able to run errands during the week and stay awake during the afternoon on a weekend. His commute won't be longer than thirty minutes and when he gets to work, he stays there. When he's finished for the day - he's home in thirty minutes. When he finished his day at the old job he used to text me, "Done" ... I could expect him home three hours later on average.

This morning we all took a walk together. {Since it was probably the coldest day of the year you know it was my idea}. It was awesome. He ran a couple of errands, brought home coffees, cleaned the gutters and raked (more) leaves. We all sat and ate grilled cheese and soup for lunch. It almost felt like vacation.

Change is nice. There's always an adjustment period but it's good for everyone. I think he is really going to be happy with this new move. I think we all are.

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