October 23, 2013

tell them...

Saturday morning I was sipping my coffee and catching up on emails and Facebook like any other day. Sitting in my inbox was something so simple yet so inspirational I've decided to share it here.

I just wanted to say that I adore you! Your spirit for the holidays and your photos make me feel good! Your lil girl is lucky to have u as her mama and all that u are doing is going to stick with her! I love seeing all the decorations cause it makes me nostalgic and I just love it and she will too now and when she's older. I know this message is out of left field but I'm a believer of telling people how u feel when u feel it. Not enough people do that."

Doesn't that just make you smile? I was so flattered and grateful and happy and proud and just absolutely shocked after reading this note. It comes from a friend of mine who I've only met a couple of times about five or six years ago. We've learned much about each other over the years based on our Facebook persona. Granted, you only get a glimpse into a person's life when you're dealing with social media. We offer what we choose to display, we hide what we wish to conceal. But I like what I know of her. She is a wonderful person, beautiful inside and out. And reading that note I've now learned that she likes what she knows of me. And the important point I'm trying to make is that she took the time to tell me.

I'm truly inspired. What a simple concept. You think something lovely about someone - so you tell them. I mean, does it get any less complicated than that? I think lovely things about people all the time, I think those things and most of the time I move on. Going forward I will take a few seconds to spread the goodness. I want to make people feel happy for no reason. This note was so out of the blue, it caught me by such surprise. I don't think we should be so surprised by pleasantries. I wish for it to become commonplace. Let's work on that, shall we?

Tell people how you feel. If you admire something about a friend, tell them. They have no idea what you are thinking about them. Give them that boost. I'm sure they deserve it and I'm sure they'll be so grateful that you took time out of your life to simply pay them a compliment. Do it. Pass it along and let it spread like wildfire.    


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