October 10, 2013

taking advantage of October

I wait all year long for weather like we have today. It's CHILLY. With a cloudy sky to make it feel even chillier. I took advantage of my free morning by packing up the car (with simply a tote bag and big pink ball) and heading to the park. I can't tell you how happy I am that I made that decision. 

Clad in our jeans, sneakers and hoodies, Scarlett and I had a ball...

We ran, we raced, we kicked that big pink ball, we searched for acorns, we chased squirrels, we threw leaves, we took a walk - we savored our morning together, for certain. While I still had my phone in hand to capture these moments in photos - I finally felt "disconnected" for a bit. I heard the tweeting text alerts but I didn't answer them. I was more focused on the sound and smell of crisp leaves, the chilly breeze fighting to enter my sleeves, the colors all around us and most importantly - my daughter's smile. The clarity of the pictures may not be the greatest but the memory behind each of them is priceless. Forever grateful for this day.  

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