October 17, 2013

Society6 promo

You may have noticed my shameless Society6 store "plug" in my sidebar. I've come to realize that it is VERY hard to gain exposure on the site. Without constant post-sharing and self-promotion it's next to impossible. And even WITH those things, it's next to impossible.

So, here is my shameless blog post promoting some of my designs for sale. I have to say many of the items offered really look great with most designs. Cell phone, laptop and iPad cases, stationary, pillows and tote bags - all really decent! I hope you'll take a look. And if you don't enjoy MY work please scope out other artists because you cannot IMAGINE the talent on this website. It's bananas.

Here are some of my designs... CLICK HERE to visit my store

These are "the shes and Autumn" ... She gazes, She sits, She loves, Autumn, She sings and She shops. While I enjoy them all as prints they also make pretty cute pillows and stationary.

These are some of my pillows. The skeleton key pattern is hands down my favorite. The anchors look pretty nice on the iPad and phone case as well. 

And these are just some random others - I love the "grumpy owl" tote and both versions of "Hanging the Stars" - partial to pastel of course. "Winter Window" was a hit in my old etsy shop so I thought I'd include it here, it makes a nice looking pillow.

I hope you like what you see and revisit my shop often for newbies. Please feel free to pass this along to anyone who may enjoy it. Thanks!

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