October 18, 2013

It's JUST a headband, get over yourself

I am at a loss.


I have never in my life heard of a child refusing to dress up for Halloween. I know all about the "terrible twos" (and "heinous threes" I've recently learned of) but even in the most ridiculous of tantrum stories I don't ever recall hearing that the idea of dressing up to get candy was cause for a meltdown.

This kid is a rare breed. She is newly two. She is very strong willed, stubborn, bold, what have you. She's a gal who knows what she wants... and what she doesn't. I'm happy with that on a normal basis, it's nice that she's so aware of her ability to control certain aspects of her life. It's a daily struggle, no doubt, but it's a positive one (or so I think). However, over the past few weeks I've been teaching Scarlett about having fun on Halloween. After reading books and watching little cartoons to help prove my point she finally seemed on board with wearing a costume. She began telling strangers that she was going to be Mickey. News to me. I was ecstatic to create my little Punky Brewster - oh well. So I semi-willingly hunted around for a Mickey Mouse costume. Since it's kind of last minute, I came up short.

I know that there is a 97% chance that Scarlett will refuse her costume. Rather than spending a fortune ordering some elaborate plush nightmare online I decided to throw something together from her closet that we can use in a pinch if she changes her mind. Oh, that's right, it's pretty lame. But let's face it - the mouse isn't exactly a complex character - a little red, a little black (sounds like my high school nights) and some ears. Presto.

There it is. In all its homemade glory. To my surprise, Scarlett was very excited when she saw this monstrosity. I thought WOW! She's actually going to wear this! Yeah, no. She's not. After several horrifying attempts to put these simple items (pants, socks and a jacket) on her - I decided we will wait until next year to have Halloween fun. You cannot even imagine the fireworks when I bring that headband within seven feet of her. It's absolutely mind-blowing.

So... I've dismantled the pieces, put them back in her drawers and let the topic drop. Everyday Scarlett insists that she wants to wear a costume. I call bullshit.

I can't press the issue because it's really not a big deal. So she doesn't want to look like something she's not (for an hour). She doesn't need bags of candy - if she wanted candy she'd have sat on her potty chair by now. I'm learning to pick my battles. It is so not worth seeing her through another tantrum just to TRY to put a headband on her thick little head. So here's my solution...

Happy Halloween 2013!!!


  1. Ha! I love the graphic! I decided the same thing - Jackson is equally as bull-headed. I am going to dress him as a "man" with a fedora and draw a mustache on him. He'll probably scream through the whole thing and throw the hat off at minute one. Oh well. We're not even going to bother going door-to-door. Just going to my MIL's house to please her. At least they're not at the phase where they change their mind about what they want to be every few days so you buy 238748937 costumes!
    -Jen Carlone

    1. WOW! I can't believe Jackson is pulling the same stunt! Too funny! We've decided the same thing - no door-to-door if she's not wearing her costume, no treats. Hope your little man has a good time and keeps his hat on haha xo


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