October 27, 2013

Eye can't wait

So I went to the eye doctor the other day, finally, after almost five years. I figured I didn't need yearly exams since I haven't been steadily working on a computer all day long like I had in the past. Wrong-o.

Lately I've been getting daily headaches and having spells of dizziness. I've also been fighting a sinus infection or some form of allergies for over a month. Not being sure which could be causing the headaches and dizziness I decided to make an appointment to get my eyes checked.

The office is located in an oddly shaped building set back in an awkward parking lot. The inside is semi-time-warpy - think: super old wallpaper adorned with the latest ads for Prada eye-fashion. There is a woman who speaks too loud for the small environment in an over-the-top-overly-friendly-aiming-to-please manner. No music was playing. No television. You could've heard a termite picking his teeth. After waiting half an hour to be seen I headed to the 'puff of air' contraption. Familiar with that? It's the one where you rest your chin on a little shelf and stare into a red dot until air blasts you in the eyeball. It's so unnerving waiting for that puff. After that came a peripheral vision test which I'd never had before. It was another case of staring at a dot but clicking a button each time a flash of light appeared anywhere in sight. Interesting. Then came the doctor.

My eye doctor is awesome. He's so friendly and talkative and inquisitive and informative. Great guy. I had all of my regular tests and then some. I find it fascinating how they can pinpoint your prescription. I lovvvvvvvvve the final moments of an eye exam. The narrowing down of what's blurred vs clear and the final TA DAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! I sighed when I saw with new 'eyes'. He laughed. It really is like getting new eyes. So cool. Even though I have great vision and can pick up the teeniest tiniest details (so says the doc) he is amazed at how hard a time my eyes have focusing. I have ultra sensitive eyes and going from looking at my phone to looking at a television to looking at a magazine strains the crap out of them. It feels like they are rolling around - like those guys who get punched in cartoons.

Even though I'm pretty sure my headaches and dizziness are sinus-related, I cannot wait to pick up my new glasses next week - I have extremely high hopes. I can't wait to SEE the difference. HA! Cornball Jones signing off.

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