September 24, 2013

The Scarlett Letters: Scarlett turns two!

Happy 2nd Birthday, Scarlett June!!!

Well, let's see. You're not a baby anymore... and, as my final 'Mom 365' daily email informed me, you're not a toddler anymore. What does that mean? Are you already a "little kid" ??? Nope, not in my book, baby girl. 

Two years ago today I was lying in a stiff bed with flat pillows, falling in love with The Big Bang Theory and working on 48 hours worth of contractions. Eventually you were born via C-section at 8:09 pm. And it was at that moment that my life began. Along with my short-lived morphine drip.

You have made everyone so happy. You make us laugh every day. You amaze us with your vocabulary and ability to put sentences together. At your party on Saturday I heard you say to a friend, "Hi! Welcome to my home!" I have no idea where you got that from. The other day I put your shoes on and you said, "Hmm, Mama, those fit pretty good!" I know you heard that one from me but you used it perfectly. Another popular phrase is, "Mama, I can't find my -------- anywhere!" We are able to have conversations with you although every now and then there is a word that takes us a while to figure out. You have trouble with your F's and L's. And it's adorable.

You lovvvvvvvvve to play "outshiiiiiide." We let you use your water table in our gravel area and you get plenty filthy having a blast with that. You love your slide and your swing and getting Brody to run with you. You think he is just so funny! Now that the weather is cooler and drier (and less insect-pleasing) I can enjoy being out there with you. I still hold my breath when I turn your toys over, praying there aren't 'things' floating or webs spun. Baby steps. 

We took you for a photo session last week and you threw a pretty decent tantrum but eventually warmed up and we got great shots. You're so photogenic. That smile is infectious and so heartwarming. You say hi to everyone and not everyone says hi back. I explain to you daily that some people don't like to say hi. Then I grumble under my breath that those people are called assholes.

You are really into playing with little figures, like Mickey, Minnie and Pluto. You also enjoy using your new easel. You wipe it clean and say, "Good as new!" And when you've had enough you put your marker down and say, "Ok, I'm all done." For your birthday we gave you a cash register which you absolutely love - just as I did as a little girl. Although my cash register was my jewelry box... and it didn't have a scanner, or credit card slot and the only sound it made was when I wound up the ballerina but hey, I didn't know the difference. You also adore your basket of fake foods - which was one of my favorite things to play with as a kid. We had a picnic in the playroom the other day and I felt like I was four years old all over again. I almost fought you for the little strawberry.

You are amazing, Scarlett. You're so so so so smart. You are truly funny and silly and spunky. You're bold as brass, stubborn like your Mama and a roughneck through and through. You do stop to smell the flowers - even if they are in the pages of your book. You like to choose your clothes when given the option and you've refused to wear your Super-girl shirt for months. Humble too, perhaps? You can't get enough of peanut butter or cantaloupe. You have favorite songs like, "I Will Wait" by Mumford and Sons. You dance in your highchair and like us to dance with you... "and Mama too ... and Dada too... and Bro too!" I wish Brody could dance for you. You love Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Team Umizoomi and Special Agent Oso. I feel good about letting you watch those shows. You are learning so much every day from your family, from being outside, from watching good television, from playing with your toys. I pray that you always have that blessed brain. 

Happy Birthday Dear Scarlett, Happy Birthday to you! 
(I've noticed you are sleeping in on your big day! It's 8:33 ... ooo I hear you murmuring ... ) 

We all love you SO MUCH!


  1. A photography shot with a 2 yr exhaustion. I have the cutest shot of my daughter standing on the photographers couch looking over her shoulder just beaming. He got the shot just in the nick of time because two seconds later she had hopped over the back of that couch and was gone! No one knows as they look at the smiling angel in the portrait that she was plotting her get away!
    Spoiler alert...this next year is another great one. Lots of amazing growing and thinking skills. Enjoy it all!

    1. Thank you so much May, I always love your comments and anecdotes!


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