August 19, 2013

we are so immature

It's funny how after so many years together (like eleven, and coming up on our nine year wedding anniversary in December!) Gregg and I still have our crazy, silly, make-each-other-spit-out-drinks humor and ridiculousness. You would think something so immature and fun would fade after a while. You would think that one would get sick of the snappy comebacks, the sarcastic responses to nearly everything, the toilet jokes. Nope. We still love it all. The good, the bad and the overtly disgusting. 

Here is one of my favorite things to do: While preventing my mustache with burning white cream (oh give me a break, like you don't treat your upper lip?? YOU KNOW YOU DO. And guys, can it. Your girl does it too - don't be so naive). I like to mosey over to Gregg - with my white cream mustache - and pretend I'm Wilford Brimley. I rattle off his famously gruffy-voiced, "I have diabetes" from that commercial. We laugh and laugh.

We like to make each other laugh by giving the dog hilarious names. Like Captain Murphy Saltwater. Irving Saddlebags. Jennifer Bropez. Chester Copperfot. Sheddy Kruger. Commander L.T. Higgleshitz. Ernest Gargoyle III. Etc.

We frequently break into funny walks or dances down the stairs or hallway and then hang our heads in shame when realizing our significant other isn't in the room to see our tomfoolery.

We pause the television for one another when one of those commercials is on with the black and white reenactment of some idiot unable to find the correct lid for their plastic container while everything flies out at them from the cupboard.

You know - your typical married couple nonsense. That's our glue. We've always enjoyed being foolish together. It wasn't just a honeymoon phase. I hope we will be that pair of idiots hiding each others canes and putting whoopie cushions on our wheelchairs. Taking things off the shelves in stores and using them improperly for a good photo. And forever laughing when we hear a horn of any kind. That's just how we live - like silly, little imbeciles.


  1. Oh my goodness. Tim and I do the Wilford Brimley too! So hilarious.
    Seriously, you must try threading. It's a game changer. So much less painful than the creams (ugh, and the waxes!). There's this place over on Airport Rd. in the Staples plaza. Me (the Italian wonder when it comes to hair growth), I am in there all the time!
    -Jen Carlone

    1. HA! That is soooo funny about our Wilford Brimley routines! And I'm right there with you - I shave everydayyyy!! I know a lot of people go to Suki's I just never tried it!


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