August 15, 2013

things I do before 9 am

I know there are people who actually believe that moms who aren't currently working or "stay-at-home-moms" have the life. Ya know, just lounging around the house, flipping through magazines and picking petunia's or whatever the hell flower carefree, lazy people pick. I also know that this story has been written a million times over in the form of essays, blog posts, articles - even tweets and Facebook statuses. So I'm not headed there. I'm going to type two sentences and then I'm going to give you a list of things that I do before 9 am. Sentence one: I never would have dreamed that being at home with a baby/toddler would be this consistently busy. Sentence two: It is a privilege to currently be home with Scarlett and it is also the most demanding, challenging and rewarding experience imaginable.

Now for the list. It's not like I do any more than any other parent. I realize a heck of a lot of people have more than one child - it's clearly not a contest. I just happened to step back the other day and realize - I get a ridiculous amount of shit done before 9 am.

SO, here's my routine -

Every morning I... 

Make the bed which includes folding a giant, white blanket which is no easy task and normally starts my day off on the wrong foot. 

Feed Brody and fill his water. This also includes stepping in his water-drool, swearing and wiping the floor, wiping my wet foot and putting on flip flops while cursing myself for not putting on flip flops immediately upon waking.

* Shower, put on makeup and dry/straighten my hair. This is done in stages between 6:20 and 8:30. 

Get my first cup of coffee, open the curtains and turn on the Today show.

Put away lingering clothes, towels and dishes that are out of place.

Prep/Figure out Scarlett's breakfast which usually involves cutting up fruit or making eggs.

Pack the daily on-the-go bag for the playground, park or wherever.  This includes adding a fresh snack and an appropriate change of clothes and number of diapers.

Swiffer the floors in the living room, dining room, kitchen, hallway and bathroom. (I cannot wait until Brody stops shedding his frigging seven layer winter coat, I'm not even kidding when I tell you it's making me batshit).

Catch up on my games of Words With Friends and Draw Something while my phone charges. Also see if I missed anything overnight on Facebook and make sure to get my Happy Birthdays out there.

* Catch up on email and blogs.

Get Scarlett out of the crib, open upstairs windows, fill the humidifier, change her diaper, get her cleaned up and dressed, bring her downstairs for breakfast.

Make and feed Scarlett breakfast, choose a playlist for the iPod and pour my second cup of coffee.

Clean up the mess, clean up the little hands and face, wash highchair tray and table. 

Update Scarlett's daily chart. We change the day of the week and choose the right card for that day's weather then pick two letters and two numbers to focus on.

Let Scarlett watch some TV while I wash the breakfast dishes.

Start some laundry.

Vacuum the living room area rug. (Friggin BRODY!!!)

Figure out what the hell I'm going to wear, iron it and throw it on.

Lather the sunscreen on S.  Put on her shoes.

Grab a water from the fridge and head out the door - usually to a playground.

Now, it may not seem like a lot but when you think about doing thirty or forty things - under the gun of an easily-bored-to-tears soon-to-be two year old - within three hours - it's actually pretty hectic and kinda impressive. (Also realize that was merely the start of the day and there are eleven more hours to go). Cheers to productive parents who never thought they could be 'morning people'. We've come a long way.

* On occasion, my hair doesn't need maintenance, I have showered the night before and I have no morning plans to go out - so I have over an hour to myself to read my favorite blogs and stock pile some of my own. I choose an episode of Roseanne from the DVR and sip my coffee like one of those flannel-clad jerks in the commercials. These are my most cherished mornings but they are few and far between.

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