August 3, 2013

society6 - my store is up and running!

Last week I decided to start selling my designs with Society6. It is a super easy process - in short: you upload your designs, they produce, package and ship. You can make your artwork available on several items such as tote bags, pillows, hoodies, shirts, iPhone cases and skins, laptop and iPad skins etc. The files just need to be re-sized for the corresponding product - which can be a little tedious and time consuming depending on the design. Think: squeezing a horizontal print onto a teeny vertical phone. But you don't have to make other items available - it's all up to you. However, the more the better.

Like I said I just started last week so I don't have many prints available yet but I'm hoping to post several each week if I can find the time. I started by posting some artwork from a few years back that I had sold when I had my etsy shop. My store is bare bones right now, I think I have two followers - ha! I have hardly any "promote" hearts which I'm noticing are very hard to get. You basically have to figure out prime time to post - when the site is busy and people have a better shot of seeing your "new" post. I'm not ashamed to ask you all to sign up and heart the hell out of my stuff. I won't be mad if you spend five minutes doing so. It's basically the ole "needle in a hay-stack" situation - it's very hard to be found. 

Here are a few prints that are up and available: 

... and while I love the skeleton key print - the pillow is my favorite, I may have to order one or two (working against myself here) - 

So, if you see something you like - go ahead and promote it or buy it, whichever. I want to thank my facebook friends for your support and I appreciate every shared link. It's not easy to be stumbled upon so I can use all the help you've got to give! Thanks friends!

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  1. Oh gosh, they're all adorable! I love the equality one. Will go check your store out and heart you there. :)

    1. Thanks so much, Alison! I really appreciate that :)


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