August 14, 2013

Old School Blogging: The Fridge Edition

I haven't linked up with anyone in a loooong time so today I am joining some brilliant bloggers for Old School Blogging: The Fridge Edition. It appears the world wants to know - What's on your fridge? I saw Alison's post on Writing, Wishing and thought it was an interesting and quirky topic. I'm up for it ... so let's go! 

I never thought much about it but I guess the outer appearance of my fridge is semi-important to me. I like to arrange things a certain way - I never want it to look cluttery - even though, to me, it most certainly does. I keep my "favorite" things up for a while before deciding I cannot stand them a second longer and toss them into the trash can. It is not decorated with informative magnets, it is not full of important reminders - it is, in fact, a grouping of colorful nonsense. But most of that nonsense makes me smile on a regular basis so it does serve an important purpose... take a look... 


1. The Italian flag with a shamrock on top. 
I am half Italian and my husband is Irish so I added a little shamrock gel cling to my flag magnet and voila - best of both!

2. Mr. and Mrs. Claus decorating a Christmas tree. 
I cut this out from a card I received (I do that often) and I just love it because it represents my favorite holiday and time of year as well as my happy relationship with my better half.

3. Number for Poison Control. 
Yeah I didn't realize that was even there until I took this picture so should someone have swallowed Drano - I'd have dialed 911. 

4. Photo booth pix. 
My friends had a photo booth at their wedding last Fall and this strip is of Gregg and myself complete with purple sequined fedora.

5. Bunny head.
Sometimes I like to keep those little plastic rings from cupcakes. When this one broke I glued his head to a magnet and the rest is history.

6. Elf. 
Need I say more?

7. Everyone needs a mustache on their fridge.

8. More cutouts from cards.
A Valentine's Day doodle with foil hearts that I adore and a happy couple dancing in Paris in black and white. Sigh.

9. I still have my daughter's ultrasound picture on my refrigerator. 
She'll be two in September.

10. Strawberries. 
I just love strawberries - no real tale to tell.


11. Bird's Eye Tour magnet.
A souvenir from last summer's tour of Newport by helicopter and sail. An amazing birthday gift from my husband. 

12. Dwight Shrute's buisness card.
I love The Office!

13. Chococat notepad holder.
I once loved all things Sanrio/Hello Kitty. I have lots of leftovers. 

14. A list of recyclable items and non-recyclable items.
And yes, I still forget half of them.

15. My favorite newborn picture of Scarlett. 
I just can't believe my little spitfire was ever that little bitty baby.

There you have it! I noticed a few dental appointment reminders for my husband as well as random keys hanging - not sure what they open, start or unlock. I also have a couple of Ann Taintor magnets that I love and some random bottlecaps and nonsense. All in all my fridge is pretty sassy, upbeat, sweet, nostalgic and completely ridiculous. I kinda love it.

If you'd like to play along - make sure you link up with Elaine and Katie by the end of the week!


  1. I need to follow your lead and de-clutter my refrigerator doors! I love The Office. I just watched the entire series from start to finish (and I finished it about two weeks ago.) So hilarious. :)

    1. I really could watch the seasons over and over but the first four are my favorite :)

  2. Wow, you're so organized! I love that you still have the ultrasound pic there. Also - that black fridge looks really awesome, nice alternative to stainless steel for sure (all those fingerprints - ugh).

    1. Ha! Thanks. I loathe me some fingerprints too and I have plenty elsewhere believe me - I'm happy with the black fridge!

  3. I really like how you told us about everything! And the fact that your U/S pic is still up there. So great! :D Thanks for linking up!!

    1. Thanks Elaine, I thought it was a unique topic :)

  4. I love the card cutouts when you see a card you like - and keeping it on your fridge is a great way to remember it. And the photo booth strip is awesome! Very cool fridge.

    1. well thanks Katie, I appreciate it :) I love nonsense haha

  5. You're right, every fridge needs a mustache :)

    1. yes, fridge sophistication is key. :)


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