August 22, 2013

end of summer ...

Ohhh September is so close I can smell it - actually that's probably because I bought the Fall scents from Yankee Candle and have been burning Apple Pumpkin every day. Either way - I'm excited!! The days ahead will be filled with jeans and boots and sweaters and chilly air and bright blue skies and colorful leaves and the smell of wood burning stoves and back yard fires ... ahhhh. And treks to the playground will be comfortable and more enjoyable as we say adios to the bugs, the sweat and the boiling hot slides! And our menu is about to expand into the comfort food genre with favorites like turkey chili, lasagna and kale soup! Mmmmm.

I'm not saying goodbye to summer just yet, however, there will still be a few good weekends for all to savor. I've missed my beach days for certain - it's just not the same with a toddler in tow

Here are a few "summery" pictures from the last few weeks. I am semi-disgusted that I have used different filters, fonts and frames on these but I'm sure you'll get over it more quickly than I will... 

 {sitting pretty on a stone bench at Brenton Point, Newport}

 {enjoying Aunt Carrie's clamcakes, clam strips and red chowda 
like a true native Rhode Islander}

 {um, yes, that is me doing a cartwheel as Scarlett watches with glee}

{a delicious summer din-din: turkey burger, tomato-cucumber salad and sweet corn}

{piggy back ride!}
 {the most colorful pinwheely perfection}

{I had one for breakfast and lunch one day and it was a glorious treat}

I am very happy living in New England where we get to experience all of the seasons. Just as we are getting sick of shoveling snow and wearing coats, Spring comes to the rescue with those first few days of 'crack your windows weather.' And when we are finally ready to hang up our flip flops we can pull out last year's boots for a beautiful Autumn season. We get the best of all four. Summer was sweet but bring on the FALL!!!!

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