May 14, 2013

word of the day: Beautiful

I wasn't exactly in the best of moods today. I had one of those mornings where it felt like the universe was working against me. Little annoying things were piling up and building their own little tower of sourness in front of me. One that I just didn't feel like tackling. I ignored it as best I could and went about my day.

I was at the counter of Toys R Us purchasing a pretty, pink bubble mower for Scarlett and mindlessly humming along to the store music. I noticed the cashier humming the same tune. She said, "this song is SO catchy!" I agreed and we discussed further. The song that was playing was One Direction's "What Makes You Beautiful." Sure, it's one of those lame-o, teen-girl faves but it certainly catches the attention of women everywhere. It has such a great message especially for very impressionable young girls who all too often wander down the path of self destruction. Gee, what's that like? The cashier mentioned how she really likes the song and finds herself singing it in the aisles every time it comes on. I admitted that I also like it due to its cheery and uplifting message. We parted ways with overly friendly "have a great day!"s. The song had noticeably amped up our moods.

Continuing on my errands I had no choice but to sink back into a somewhat foul mood after being forced to drive the roads alongside typical Rhode Island assholes. Swerving, bumper-riding, speed-passing, non-blinker using assholes. It is unavoidable.

I grouchily headed to CVS to finish up my list. As I approached the door to enter, a man (who looked like a thin Cedric the Entertainer) was exiting. He energetically stepped aside and said, "Go ahead, Beautiful." Huh? Did he just...?  I smiled with sincerity and said, "Thank you so much." As I took off my sunglasses he exclaimed, "Wow, LOVE the eyes!" I again thanked him as he walked out toward his car and I entered the store. Now, I am not someone who normally falls for a compliment from a strange man. Having been jaded for a good fifteen years now, stranger compliments usually sound creepy or uncalled for or something along a negative line. However, I have good instincts about people and I have to say this man seemed like a genuinely kind man. He had a little pep in his step, cheer in his soul and a smile that was certainly true. My crumby mood was turned around for the second time today.

And for the second time the basis for this change was beautiful.

Moral of the story? Let things make you happy. Be it a corny-ass song that you aren't supposed to like. Or a word of kindness from a stranger. Don't linger too long in your doubts and dissection. Sometimes we hold ourselves back from our own happiness - and we just don't realize it.

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