February 7, 2012

What's on your door??

During our walk today all I could think about was how so many people still had a Christmas wreath on their door. I don't always go the same route- last week I went in the opposite direction and counted eleven wreaths. The following day I counted two less - which was odd. Today, in the different hood, I didn't count but I can tell you it was more than five on just one street. Is that normal?? I can't imagine keeping one up much longer than New Year's Day to be honest, but that's just me. I have a very regimented albeit boring-ass front door routine and that is basically because I never think to look for any replacements while I'm in HomeGoods.

It's like this:

hanging hearts (very faded hearts I might add. Must find new hearts)

shamrocks (very original, I know)

 End of March - August:
hearts are back on the payroll

Autumn leaves

Halloweeny thing

Leaves go back up - in lieu of a Pilgrim or cornucopia

 December - January:

Now, you may or may not have noticed that three out of five of these sad passers for door decor say "Welcome". This is actually hilarious because anyone who knows me knows that if you knock on that very door, unannounced, you will be bludgeoned. I love to make it clear that I HATE me a pop-in. It's part of my charm. People hate it about me... and I LOVE that about people. 


  1. LOL, what a fun post. I love when people hang decor on the door, its cute and fun. My neighbor had some harvest wreath up for 3/4 of the year... Christmas came and they hung a christmas one and the wreath has been on the door since...its February people! It will probably be there till Fall or next Christmas. I'm boring, nothing on the door currently.

  2. It's not like I'm the queen of awesome front door style- clearly - but I hate seeing holiday decor left up past its prime. It really just takes two seconds to yank it off the nail, no? ;o)

  3. seriously!? i don't know what their thinking.


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