February 14, 2012

a heart in every room

It's Valentine's Day! What? You're not excited? Haha well neither am I. I have never really done anything special on V Day. It's not because my husband is a deadbeat. He's not, I assure you. But I guess I'm not really the 'gotta go eat some fancy meal in an expensively fancy restaurant in a fancy dress and get fancy chocolates in a fancy heart box with fancy roses tied with a big fancy ribbon' kinda gal. Sure, I buy some pink, white & red peanut m&ms because they look cute in a candy bowl. And I MIGHT buy a box of Russell Stover's every three years or so. But you'll more likely see me sitting in my recliner, clad in my favorite pjs, eating boneless buffalo wings and watching The Big Bang Theory than catch me in a fine dining establishment followed by a show. Not that there is anything wrong with the people that DO go out on the town to celebrate their love! To each his/her own! 

Anyhow, in honor of this heart-smothered holiday I thought I would make up a little game for myself. I LOVE hearts (always have) and decided I would challenge myself to find at least one heart in every room of the house. So here are just a few that I found... 

I cut this from a card years ago and has been on my refrigerator ever since. I like to think it's me & my husband... but I don't wear dresses and he doesn't have a rake on his head


just one of my cutesy cereal / ice cream bowls


a card that Gregg bought for our little pea :)

(dining room)

 bridal shower favor

(downstairs bathroom)

a print that I had made


Valentine's Day clings that I decorated our bedroom closet mirror with years ago. I just couldn't help myself. SO TACKY but so stinking cute. 


one of my heart necklaces


my daughter's umbrella stroller

(bedroom for some reason)

one of Scarlett's teething rings

(living room)

little vase

(living room)

memory book

(upstairs den/office)

Scarlett's bath towel 

(upstairs bathroom)

Little consignment shop mirror that my husband and I fixed up

(Scarlett's room)

the most adorable bunting from etsy and another heart on the owl pillow :)

(Scarlett's room)

 canvas art

(Scarlett's room)

a clothes hanger that is too cute for the closet

(Scarlett's room)

Challenge won! It's clear that the most heart-prominent room in the house is Scarlett's. I'd like to think I had EVERYTHING to do with that. I'm a sucker for a heart what can I say?? :o)


Scarlett has had a cold since Friday. Her fever has been down today and she seems to be ahead of it, thankfully. I, on the other hand, am suffering immensely. I started feeling like crap Sunday and have gotten worse each day. I've basically been blowing my nose every 3 minutes with what feels like burlap. (Note to self: some things are just worth the extra buck). I haven't slept much at night so I'm feeling kinda like shit BUT it could be far worse so my complaining stops here.

I enjoyed the Grammy Awards Sunday night. Have to say I was pleasantly surprised by the diversity and very impressed with Paul McCartney's performances. I was thrilled for Adele, who I just love, and so glad to have her back and in great vocal shape! She's a talented beauty to say the very least.

I made chicken soup for the first time today and I have to say although my taste buds are off and I can't smell a thing, I think it's gonna be amazing! I threw just about everything in the kitchen that hasn't expired into that pot. Fennel, bay leaves, thyme, oregano, parsley, celery, onion, garlic, carrots, salt & pepper etc. Lots of flavor! (I think). Hope it's as good as I'm pretending it will be.

Hope you're all having a great week - feel free to comment on The Grammys, your chicken soup recipe, your favorite Valentine's Day tradition or anything else that isn't offensive! Happy V-Day to all! 




  1. We don't usually celebrate either but I've been stressed and feeling crappy so I got some surprises today. It was nice but not something I would expect every year. Good luck with your soup!

  2. aww well I'm glad to hear you had a nice day and i hope you're and feeling better!! (my soup was DELICIOUS, thanks!) :)


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