December 5, 2011

our newly altered tree-getting experience...

As most of you already know, one of my favorite days of the year is Christmas-tree getting day! And that just happened to be this past Saturday. Twas a wee bit different this year however ...

It started on a chilly Saturday morning. After a quick breakfast I hastily chose my daughter's first annual Christmas-tree-getting outfit. I had been playing paper dolls with her in my mind for days, I knew just what to pluck from the drawer...

She was very agreeable that morning but naturally required another diaper change, bottle and burp session before we finally headed out the door at 1pm.

Gregg and I insisted that she come with us to both tag the tree and chop it down. For the tagging expedition I clumsily navigated our way through the stump-filled tree farm like an adamant new mom. Hey, those strollers are built TOUGH these days, it worked out just fine. Scarlett, however, wasn't havin' it. She cried the majority of that outing unless of course we were blasting full speed ahead up the dirt road. Needless to say we the only picture we took that day was of me pushing that stroller up said dirt road. For the tree-chopping event, we bundled up that little fuss-bean in numerous layers of clothing, a  hat, socks, boots, a sweater, a blanket - you name it. She was covered. The drive to the farm is definitely long enough for her to conk out - but she didn't remain conked once we arrived. We decided to unfasten her anyway and take a couple of pictures in front of this year's tree. Terrible idea. Swaddled in her pink, fleece elephant blankie she WAILED in the open field as if we had her packed in ice. 

That was a very short-lived photo shoot. She continued to holler at me whilst Gregg dealt with an over-sharing tree-cutter clad in black & white camouflage with last night's gin on his breath. Okay, so I exaggerated a bit with the gin. His eyes did tell a similar story though. Back in the Jeep and over to the bailing station Scarlett maintained her position as Cranky Avalon and I was forced to climb into the backseat and "la-la-la-la" her to sleep, thankfully. We headed home. Gregg began the chore of setting up the tree (and shaking it down for any vile creatures) - with Brody's help...

 ...while I fed and tended to a much calmer Scarlett June.

She napped for three hours while Gregg prepped the tree and twisted the lights around it. She woke up during the beginning stages of the decorating. We were happy to have her with us, taking turns holding her while we placed our favorite ornaments on the pain-inflicting branches.

Then she pretty much cried for five hours while we worked hard to take care of her and basically throw the remaining ornaments on randomly to finish up the tree.

But when all was said and done Scarlett did sit in front of the shiny, glowing tree and eventually smiled her little face off.

We made it through!!

Here's the finished product...

Hope you all are enjoying the holidays! Merry Merry Happy Happy Fa-La-La-La-La!


  1. Love her. Love the tree. Love how amazing and interesting and insane our babies make life now! What the hell did we ever do (or talk about) before?

  2. Exactly! I have no idea. She makes everything fun - and challenging at the same time. Her morning smiles melt my heart and I get just as excited as she does when she does something for the first time :o) Love her. And love that Jude McCoy! Thanks for reading!


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