September 20, 2011

the best time of the year ...

Pumpkin cake. Yankee Candle fall scents such as: Farmer's Market, Apple Cider (my current fave), Pumpkin Spice and Harvest in a mixed up rotation of my tart burners. The cool, dry air. Chilly mornings that call for an extra blanket. Crock Pot meals. Turkey loaf and mashed potatoes. JEANS! Much like a vampire, I've gotten a taste ... of Autumn that is... and I'm already hooked. Unfortunately it is going to get warmer and humid again midweek so the jeans will be put back on the shelf. Drat. But it's still my favorite time of year. From September through the holidays I just can't get enough! I love it all! Setting out the Halloween decorations only to put them away in what feels like days. Watching Halloween specials like It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown... and of course all the scary movies I can fit into my life. Decorating for Christmas and the whole Christmas tree tradition. Buying and wrapping gifts, and all of those sentimental Christmas specials and movies. It just makes me so happy! I even love the snow. Yup, that's right, THE SNOW!! Such a 4-letter word around here but I think it's lovely. I get so excited when it's in the forecast. And I do my fair share of shoveling too, I don't like to see Gregg break his back alone. Although this past winter I was in the beginning of my pregnancy so I couldn't help out, and I felt horrible because we got a TON of snow! Anyway, I can't wait to share all of these favorites with our baby girl ... once she makes her arrival. We've waited so long to start our own little family and I am so anxious to share our traditions with her. 

I had wanted to make this post a little bit longer but the little one is actually jammed up against my ribs and I can no longer sit in this chair. She's already calling the shots! Haha.      


  1. I just bought the Apple Cider and Farmer's Market candles yesterday! And I love how you are making plans to actually do stuff like decorate and shop in the next few months. :P

  2. Ha! Yes I am determined to still enjoy the "end of year" festivities!!


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