August 20, 2011

34 weeks down ...

34 weeks...

I cannot believe how quickly this pregnancy is flying by! I normally think that of OTHERS' pregnancies (because I'm not the one going through them, clearly) and I have always been told that it seems to last forever ... but mine - record speed. 

So here we are at 34 weeks - and two days to be exact. Am I ready? Yeah, I think I'm ready. I have spent the past four months on countless errands picking up all of the essentials (and some of the non-essentials hehehe) dragging my mom or Gregg along. I think they both enjoy it though. It's not like buying groceries - although Gregg does that for me now too. Thanks, blabey! You're a peach. 

I believe that yesterday may have been my final trip to Babies R Us until after this little nectarine is born. I have stocked up on receiving blankets, burp cloths, crib sheets, changing pads, bibs... you name it. I have read all the books and magazines. I have received and read all of the daily and weekly emails. I have put to mind all of the tips and advice from my seasoned veteran friends... and from a few of my "newbie moms" too. Our baby girl's room is ready and waiting. The bottles have been sterilized and washed and have given a new purpose to our junk cabinet. I was able to pack my hospital bag as of Monday and it made me feel SOOOOOO relieved. I finally found cute, or at the very least decent pajamas to bring to the hospital - I feared that my old, yet faithful yoga pants and faded Old Navy t-shirts wouldn't cut the mustard (although they may accidentally end up in the bag too). I know I'm a little ahead of the game but if you've watched as many episodes of A Baby Story on TLC as I have you know that anything can happen. And if you've met me, you'll know that it will happen to me. 

How have I been feeling? GREAT! It's amazing. I have feared pregnancy for the better part of my life. Not even the labor/delivery part so much as the entire 9 (or ten) months of the unknown. I thought I would be vomiting for months on end, be swollen like a tick, gain upwards of 75 lbs, walk around with my elbows resting on my big momma hips, have gestational diabetes, be put on bed rest and deliver three weeks past my due date after 36 hours of agonizing labor with no pain medication. HOWEVER... I didn't vomit once, was merely nauseous for 14 weeks, had swollen ankles exactly ONE TIME and that was due to a salty dish at friggin Olive Garden (knew I hated that place with better reason than just the lame ass commercials), I have gained just 14 lbs so far, my hips feel like they've spread and they ache overnight but my elbows are far from touching them, I passed my glucose test - no diabetes here, not on bed rest thankfully and although my baby is breech I have faith that I will deliver at just the right time. 

What am I worried about? Well ... I am one who likes to have control of the situation. Not knowing how or when this situation is going to go down does make me super anxious. A planned C-section sounds so appealing when you consider the alternative of the whole cliche water-breaking in WalMart, car won't start, Gregg is somewhere in Taunton with no cell reception etc. BUT again, FAITH. Gotta have it. Plus a C-section guarantees a 4 - night stay in the creepy cardboard bed along with a much longer recovery. I would rather get the hell out of there pronto! But I am open to anything, whatever needs to be done, I'm on board ... we are looking for HEALTHY here ... and anything else just don't matter! 

Happy Weekend!    

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