March 14, 2011

Petunia has left the building

Yes, it's true. I have decided to 86 Petunia and the ole Etsy shop. Shed not a tear, friends, it is for the best!!

What can I say? I put everything I had into getting the shop started and had the amazing support of my friends and family ... but I quickly fell out of love. My prints suddenly looked ridiculous to me. Petunia became annoying to look at and even think about. The daily grind of Twitter/Etsy forums/Facebook page-updating and promoting, promoting, promoting just wore me right down. What I once enjoyed became an enormous and daunting chore. Nobody wants that. The reason I started my Etsy shop was because I love creating new characters and scenarios and I thought maybe others would love them too. But over time, I developed a bit of a bitterness toward my artwork. I don't look at it the same. And I refuse to promote something that I don't believe in. SO, today I have emailed the wonderful team at Etsy to ask that my shop be demolished. It may take some time but I can wait. I took the liberty of deleting my Facebook page and deactivating my Twitter account - I am SO not a tweeter. Never did enjoy it. I feel lighter already. Things were getting away from me. Even my blogging became insanely boring and repetitive. I am not a sales-gal, nor a pusher. I'd like to now get back to basics. Clean slate so to speak! 

I will blog when I feel like it ... no pressure. When I started Sheribloggins it was for my own enjoyment. When I received such great praise and began to see that people were following it was very gratifying. At the same time I felt lame and like I needed to step it up in order to keep people interested and happy. While I do wish for you all to be interested and happy I also realize that I am not an entertainer. Haha. So from here on out, I will post when I have something to say and my hope is that you will read it and not feel disappointed. :o) 

Thanks to everyone who supported my Etsy efforts ~ you guys are the bestestestEST!!

Now what do I do with all these business cards?? Hahaha


  1. Shred them and make some paper :) I'm glad you're happy with this decision! It IS way too much work!

  2. It really IS! The second it stopped being enjoyable I knew I had to get out.

    I wish you all the best with your shop! Jojobeans!!

  3. Just like Joanna said; shred them add them to your blender then make note paper for yourself.
    You gave it your all but I will admit I missed your postings here. After all, think of all the wondeful things you will have to write about.
    Love you!


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