March 27, 2011

memory lane ...

My parents, in preparation for their upcoming renovations, recruited my brother and my husband to clean out their garage. Yesterday was the day to do so. Since I am not mentally able to stick my hand into any cobwebby corner or rifle through a bag of old stuffed animals that may or may not contain mice and/or bug carcasses - I decided to play it safe and watch Misery in the living room with my Grandmother. From time to time I peeked in to see how the ole "toss or keep" was coming along. I was looking forward to the moment when my brother said "Here's the fun stuff!" (meaning our old toys). 

I had a few bags of dolls and stuffed animals that had been tossed up into the attic and left there for 20 years!!! Seems like forever ago. I couldn't wait to see them again. Sure enough, the time came. Here are the few that I decided to keep ... and yep, they've already been through the washer and dryer twice haha. 

This is "Lolly Dolly" ... and no, I didn't name her that! She was in the crib with me from day one. She's in great condition and if I ever have a baby girl she will be passed along.

My old Pound Puppy, Brandon. Yep, I named him after Punky Brewster's beloved pet. This guy looks brand new aside from one weird patch on his back, I may have glued or burned him, can't tell haha. 

Can't tell you where I got this thing but this is Granny Cat. The glasses are ridiculously awesome. Who doesn't love a strange hand puppet?? 

Such a favorite when I was little, Holly Hobbie. She may have first appeared in the crib as well. I am in love with patchwork and her little dress is just too cute. Not sure where her other braid went ... a mystery. I love her though.

Little Christmas Baby Smurf

Okay, quick story... we are standing around (Me, Gregg, my brother and my Mom) just in awe of all the toys and dolls we're finding - and we're remembering their names and having our flashbacks and Gregg finds THIS GUY, holds him up and says, "Gallagher!!" and we all died laughing. He said, "all he needs is a mallet and a watermelon!" ... ugh we were rollin. So funny... so I had to keep him.

Along with these little gems we also found some of my old and beloved books...

The Nose Book has seen better days for sure

This was one of my favorites EVER... loved it!

Anyone else remember Sticker Books?? I was obsessed as a kid. Looking through this book cracked me up. If you click on the picture and look at the right page there is a pig dressed up in Star Wars gear named "Ham Solo" ... classic. I miss stickers.

It was so fun looking back on all of these things. My mom came across a box full of our baby blankets and clothing and shoes. Receiving blankets, Christening outfits - the cutest little things. I am a firm believer in tossing junk before it piles up and becomes a chore - but some things should never be thrown away - like the sweetest memories of yesterday. Such a great way to feel like a kid again.

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  1. HOW AWESOME SHERI! OMG! I had that pink lolly doll too!! STICKER books! SO AWESOME! I dont have mine anymore.... boo... that is GREAT!


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