February 25, 2011

Noteworthy goodness...

(in no particular order)

The roasted eggplant panini from Bertucci's

The Thursday night NBC newcomer, Perfect Couples

The birth of a best friend's baby boy, Samuel Edward

Finally reaching the end of an ongoing financial saga

My darling friend's amazing four months of sobriety 

American Idol's very accurate choices this season
My adorable new Wizard of Oz mini snap wallet from Cranberry Lover

Recent afternoon cat naps

Rekindling my love for Cinnamon Toast Crunch

Some things are huge and very important and should be celebrated... others are small, insignificant and boring. However, ALL are noteworthy because they make me smile. 
That is all 



  1. totally LOVE perfect couples...i wasn't sure i was gonna like it..but i'm hooked! and thanks for my shout out! xo

  2. u got something from thailand! cool!!! great shop!

  3. geez, I didn't make the list huh? (looks down and kicks the dirt)


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