November 7, 2010

rakey rakey ...

Even fall has its downside... yard work. Kudos to Gregg for being able to rake, blast and bag up leaves for almost five hours. I did my little, tiny share and managed to steer clear of blisters for a change.

It was such a beautiful day though. Crisp and cloudy with the lovely scent of our fire lingering in the air. I probably wasn't even out there for an hour yet still I feel like I have the shoulders of an 87 year old woman. Raking is no joke, man. My heart rate broke a record today. 

I was all cleaned up and prepping salad fix'ns when I noticed the sky just before sunset ... 

I figured I should capture the moment since it might just be my last glance of autumn.

We are ending this day sitting in our recliners by a roaring fire - hot chocolate possibly on tap. Not much can top that.

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