November 17, 2010

i love what you're sick of...

Don't you just LOVE when someone says, "I'm getting rid of a bunch of stuff, it's yours if you want it." Yesssssssssssss. Granted, more than half of the time the stuff consists of yard sale junk at best but there is always that one rare gem. You just have to give a thorough glance. 

Recently, Gregg sent me a picture of some little coffee cups that a friend's mom was getting rid of. She's had them for too many years and never puts them to use anymore. Much to Gregg's amazement I fell in LOVE with them. I thought they were the cutest things I'd ever seen. (Yes we are talking about coffee cups). I found out that there were several dessert plates to go along with them. I was totally on board. He brought them home for me the other night and let me tell ya they are adorable! Sixteen dessert plates and six cups. Sure, an uneven number but I have never served coffee to anyone in this house since we moved in so I'm not worried. Here are some pictures - please look at how cute the pattern is. And the cups are SO small compare to the monster mugs of today! I am taking them for a test drive in a little while - it's going to take me eight of these little darlings to finish my usual pot. 

Great find. 

A few days later my mom & I were in The Hope Chest when I came across something that I knew belonged in my home. I stared at it, picked it up, realized it was musical and then felt like an eight year old girl again. I think most people will find it ugly and ridiculous looking but I admired it instantly. After listening to me debate whether to buy it for twenty minutes my mother, the doll that she is, decided to buy it for me - basically to shut me up. Nah, she saw how much I loved it. I know it will have a place in our baby's room - when the day comes. 

I just think it's too cute. The little toys scattered around, the wallpaper and curtains, the framed flower paintings on the wall ... and there is even a little jack-in-the-box on the bureau. I can't even stand it. It's adorable. It plays an unfamiliar yet sweet song as the diapered child rocks back and force on his horsey. Tee hee. Oh and that thing on the bed is a teddy bear... he rotates to the music. Yep. The best thing? Gregg likes it too. I wasn't too sure what his thoughts would be but we love that old school feel. Giddyup.

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