November 23, 2010

get it together, world.

While perusing the greeting card aisle at lovely Walmart the other day I was absolutely disgusted by the 'Card Ladies'. You know the ones. They wear shorts, t-shirts and sneakers no matter what month, complaining that the store is unbearably hot when really they are usually overweight and menopausal. (I am not judging weight and age, I'm no skinny spring chicken myself). Anyway, I was deep in thought, choosing a card carefully when I overheard a conversation between Card Lady A and an Elderly Sweetheart. It went like this:

Elderly Sweetheart: "Excuse me, do you know where I can find All detergent?" 

Card Lady A: "It would be somewhere over there if they have it, I don't work here." (pointing to the row of cleaning supplies/paper goods aisles with a grimace on her face)

Elderly Sweetheart: "Okay, thank you." (walking away with no more of a clue than she had several seconds ago but grateful for the reply)

Card Lady A to Card Lady B: "I swear I'm going to make a shirt that says 'I DON'T EFFING WORK HERE'!" 

She was clearly disgusted. Card Lady B agreed and grunted along with her. Now if Elderly Sweetheart had been anyone else she would have clearly heard the Card Troll. But she was roughly 85 years old and I am certain that she was out of listening range. The Card Jerks went on their UN-merry way, groaning as they bent down to retrieve stacks of cards out of their messy and aisle-blocking boxes. 

I couldn't help but give them a dirty look. Not very mature I realize but Elderly Sweetheart was simply asking an innocent question. She was all by herself, wearing an oxygen mask and barely able to push her cart. I saw no need to speak behind her back in a negative fashion. For any reason. I don't understand people. Is life really that hard? Are you SO bothered by such a simple and honest mistake? I am sure that they are mistaken for Walmart employees on the regular and yeah, maybe it gets a little sickening. But let's face it, they are shuffling boxes around and putting items on shelves in the store. Not everyone in the world knows the Walmart dress code. How 'bout making your life a little easier and try being FRIENDLY for a change? 

I would love to see a little less disrespect in this world. I am really just losing more hope as the days go on. Something as simple as a smile is too much for the majority of the population to muster. It is much easier to walk past me with a stone face while my smile fades causing my mood to sour. I just don't understand it. What the hell happened to this world?? 


  1. target has better cards.

  2. Yeah, I am sure you are correct on that one. Walmart makes my blood boil... but it's easiest on my bank account.


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