November 11, 2010

frozen vibes ...

Ahhhhh... now THIS is a beautiful day. 51 degrees gorgeous, blue sky, chilly, crisp, fresh and awesome.

So I was sitting there watching a beloved Roseanne episode in the ole DVR when it hit me - I should make some effing coffee. Now sipping that coffee I look back at what a fantastic idea that was. I normally don't make coffee anymore, not even in the morning - it's more of a treat nowadays. And what a treat! I added some peppermint mocha coffeemate ... heaven. It was quite a luxurious thirty minutes I must say. I just get lamer and lamer, huh?

I then updated my journal - YES I still keep a journal, maybe not daily but definitely current. I skipped a few years but I started back up over the summer. It's hardly the same material as when I was 14. I no longer write about how I can't wait to get my license and I don't have a list of eight cute boys- seven of them crossed out. But writing has always been a very important part of my life. I feel like I always have something to say (to myself) ... even when I have nothing to say at all. If that makes any sense. I may not be able to sit across from you at a table and be this great articulate and eloquent conversationalist but on paper I'm very well-spoken. Well, sometimes. Either way I enjoy it and as long as I'm breathing I'll lay some words down. You can quote me on that.

I was lucky enough to see a great friend today. We met up in a horrible store, maybe you've heard of it - Big Lots. Yeah, I apologize if I am offending any frequent patrons of the shop but man alive, what a weird vibe in that joint. My purpose was finding a tree skirt (as some of you may remember I had to throw mine away last year due to VERY unpleasant circumstances, click here to review) and as luck would have it I found one for six bucks. Swell. Anyway my friend and I then went for a spontaneous lunch at The Greenwood. (By the way, last years renovations are stunning, I can actually feel comfortable recommending the place now). We caught up on each other and had a lovely lunch. My friend is 25 days sober today. Hats off to her - I couldn't be more proud. What an amazing accomplishment. She is such a wonderful and caring person, her heart is just pure gold and I wish nothing but the best for her and her family. 

Another treat today is that Gregg actually pulled in the driveway at 2 o'clock. He finished his work day insanely early and we now have a full night to enjoy together. I am very thankful for the past two weeks where he has come home at a decent time each night. Gotta really savor those days because they are few and far between. As I wrote that he just yelled and scared the hell out of me. He's watching The Ultimate Fighter and apparently the guy he loathes just got blasted. Crazy boys and their blood lust. I can't watch that show for eight seconds. Gives me anxiety. I usually read a magazine while he watches it... and interrupt him every few minutes with tips and ideas that I just read about. I'm sure he loves that about me. 

That about wraps it up. I feel good today. I'm in a great mood, everything is working well and cooperating today and I just figured I would post something to freeze that positive vibe right in its place. I hope we all continue to have more things to smile about than to complain of. Love to you.

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