November 20, 2010

the annual tree-tag...

Yep. November 20. Opening day of Big John Leyden's Tree Farm. We seem to go on opening day each year, it just works out that way. Our tradition is to tag our tree on the third weekend in November and head back to chop it down and bring home on December 4 - our anniversary. We then set it on our deck, do a thorough inspection for bugs (as you may recall, last years inspection was not quite thorough enough), place it in the pain-in-the-ass stand and drag it inside. We ALWAYS choose the tree that hurts the most. The stabby kind. We try to wear appropriate gloves and sleeve armor but it's no use, we're bound to bleed. Our anniversary is spent decorating the tree leisurely, sometimes with hot chocolate and always with Christmas music playing. It is quite possibly my favorite day of the year. Today's find? Eh, not the greatest tree in the world but it's gonna work out just fine.

On our trek

We wanted it to feel special so we crowned it with ribbon trash

You know that hurt

Just a lil babyyyy

Exhibit A

"It's not going in our yard, Russ, it's going in our living room"

And so concludes our 2010 tree-tagging extravaganza! It's always a good time, I am always wearing the wrong shoes and I am always ill-prepared for the bitter wind. Look out, December 4th... I'll be ready for ya!

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  1. is that disclaimer about keeping it clean for me? ahahah...anyway, i love your tradition. ours is are so cute but the tag lines are the best! xo


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