September 23, 2010

super shiny, healthy, awesome...

I would like to recommend a few products from a brand that I LOVE. 

This bundled package through Amazon is a great deal, truly. My hair dresser, Tanya (Salon de Moda) used the trio on me about two years ago and I have been hooked ever since. I bought this very package before I left the salon that night and I still use it every single day. 

THE SHAMPOO is a conditioning shampoo - and anyone who has super thick hair like I do has probably tried a million two-in-ones in their lifetime with no success. Nothing ever worked for me. But this product is awesome... 
"Made with mild lipid and amino-acid cleansing creams, it's so healthy for your hair that you'll never have to switch shampoos again. What makes it so good? Because the human hair fiber is made from amino acids, and the hair and skin's moisture is derived from lipids, our proprietary blend of lipid and amino-acid based cleansers make DermOrganic® the only shampoo that moisturizes, strengthens and rebuilds the hair while it cleans! Colored, permed, heat styled or sun drenched, DermOrganic® has what it takes to impress your stressed tresses. We've also added rice amino acids to help repair, and reinforce; panthenol to rehydrate; and natural moisture factors to further maintain a healthful moisture balance. So gentle, this shampoo is ideal for color treated hair and is superb as an all-over cleanser that leaves skin soft and supple. Further enriched with Omega-6 and anti-oxidants to protect and preserve the life of hair color, we're sure that you won't find another shampoo that is as safe, gentle and nourishing."

THE MASQUE. I use this about once a week. I don't find the need to do it more frequently. It instantly recharges your hair and leaves it feeling silky and "put together". All of the little frizzies are tamed for a few days after use. It's wonderful.

"The Masque is an intensive deep conditioner that revitalizes and repairs damaged hair from the inside out. It has unique properties that won't build-up, or over-proteinize the hair, making it safe for everyday use. Why is it so good? The Masque contains a proprietary blend of rice amino-acids inside a lipid-based emulsification. Instead of coating the hair, DermOrganic works deep, depositing amino acids to strengthen and smooth each individual hair from the inside out while replenishing real, natural moisture. Colored, permed, heat styled or sun drenched, DermOrganic has what it takes to impress your stressed tresses. So gentle, Masque is ideal for color treated hair and can be used everyday as a quick conditioner, and 2-3 days a week as a deep reconstructor."

THE TREATMENT "This Leave-In Treatment with Organic Argan Oil repairs, protects and shines. Although Argan Oil is an oil treatment, it will not make your hair oily! DermOrganic Leave-In Treatment, based on Morrocan Argan Fruit Oil, has the unique quality of instant absorption into hair. It restores shine and softness while strengthening brittle hair. Replenishes nourishment to dry, damaged, colored hair. Protects hair from styling heat and UV damage."  

This might be my favorite of the three. When Tanya first used this in my hair I was nervous. It's oil... and my hair is oily after one day so I would never actually add oil to it purposely. But argan oil is different, I quickly found out. I keep this in my medicine cabinet and use it every day. I run some through my hair while it's damp and then after it is dry/styled I put a little more for added shine. I sometimes use this as a skin softener as well. It's great to have on hand. The second I start to run out of any of these I hit up to order more. I am hooked.

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